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5 Reasons To Try Abu Dhabi Overnight Safari

5 Reasons To Try Abu Dhabi Overnight Safari

When you look through the map or the globe, you might see mostly blues followed up by greens. Has it ever got you thinking ‘What about the golden deserts?’ Literally taking up 33 percent of the land surface, deserts are a magical land, the features of which are quite misinterpreted. The desert mostly spans through the Middle Eastern countries, the UAE being one of it. You want to know how awesome the desert is, you got to ask the people of Abu Dhabi or simply try one of our desert tours. The desert has always been close to the heart of every Emirati in Abu Dhabi because of its role in the history of the place. If you take a look at the before and after pictures of Abu Dhabi, you will be stunned with a mostly-desert-only-one-or-two-buildings as the before and a high-rise-heaven as the after. In simple, Abu Dhabi was once a desert city. Let me sell you the idea of going on an Abu Dhabi Overnight Safari and once you have tried it you will definitely hop aboard the desert lover wagon. And we have listed 5 Reasons To Try Abu Dhabi Overnight Safari here

Reason 1 : Have a Serving of Adrenaline, The Desert Way

You must have heard of dune riding or dune bashing, or even read about it on any of our blogs. But believe me; no matter how much you prepare yourself for it, the experience manages to pull the rug off your feet. It’s comforting and exciting at the same time. The desert dunes are not for the fainthearted. Who knows you might turn up braver once the dune riding session is over! Don’t be afraid, just give it a try. It’s invigorating! If you really loved the adrenaline, then sand boarding (which is also part of the tour) will steal your heart away!

Abu Dhabi Overnight Desert Safari

Reason 2 : Become Friends with Emirati Fauna

Camels and Falcons, they have the tendency of taking your imagination to the desert. The two creatures are symbols of Abu Dhabi, the camel being the favorite transport mode of the Bedouins whereas the Falcon represents bravery. You can really get up close and personal with the four-legged locals at a Camel Farm and you will be blown away by the gentleness of these creatures as you see a different perspective of the desert landscape on a camel ride. You shouldn’t miss the part where you get to hold the Falcon in your arm; a true sign of Abu Dhabi pride.

Desert Falcon

Reason 3 : Cast a Spell Over Your Mind with a Desert Sunset

The golden hour is way more enchanting when it is absorbed with tranquility and only nature around you. You might have seen many a sunsets, but nothing would compare or even come close to comparing a desert sunset. The fading light brings out the footprints left behind by tiny creatures and the colors reflecting off the sky look magnificent. Freeze the moment so you can cherish it forever!

Desert Sunset

Reason 4: Give Yourself a Piece of The Peace Cake

Miles and miles of sand translate to miles and miles of peace and quiet. The silence can be utterly comforting and relaxing compared to the bustle of Abu Dhabi or any other city.

Reason 5: The Climate is Comforting

Whoever told you that the desert is freaking hot has given you the wrong idea! The desert is actually cooler than the Abu Dhabi city at night. With the Abu Dhabi overnight Safari, you can enjoy the cooling climate (make sure to pack a jacket, just in case you are not used to the cold) and the black sky glimmering with diamond-like stars. Who would give up the chance to do that?

So, what you waiting for? Come book our Abu Dhabi Overnight Safari and leave us a rave review so others can enjoy this fun tour too!

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