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Abu Dhabi Airport Car Park

Abu Dhabi Airport Car Park

Abu Dhabi airport car park is one of the world’s’ best and top ranked airport car park especially known for its latest technological innovation, style and easy movement of vehicles. The smart systems from ticketing to valet have made a smooth run of parking operations in such a busy airport. Also checkout our recent article about ultimate things to do in Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi airport not only allows parking for hours or only a day, but also provides you a service of long stay parking. I know many passengers who park their cars for one week here at Abu Dhabi airport. Safety and security is a key success at Abu Dhabi Airport car park. There are 04 car parks in Abu Dhabi airport in Terminal 1, 2, 3 and Garden parking. The rates of terminal 1 and 3 parking are double the rate of Terminal 2 and Garden parking. You can either park at the nearest terminal or you can even park at any terminal parking and walk your way to you flight terminal.

The Standard Rates of the car park are as follows

Parking Duration

Terminal 2 & Garden Parking Car Park

Terminal 1 & 3 Car Park

Less than 15 minutesAED 2AED 4
Less than 30 minutesAED 5AED 10
30 to 60 minutesAED 10AED 20
Every additional hourAED 5AED 10
24 HoursAED 120AED 240
Every additional dayAED 120AED 240

Valet Parking

Abu Dhabi airport is one of the few airports in the world which provides valet parking. You might have heard about valet parking only in hotels, but Abu Dhabi airport makes you more convenient and saves your time with this valet parking service. There is no booking needed, but is located only next to Terminal 1 and 3. Valet parking rates remain fixed at 75 AED per hour and for every additional hour or minutes.

For example

  • 30 mins = 75 AED,
  • 1 hour = 75 AED,
  • 1 Hr 15 mins = 150 AED,
  • 1.5 Hours = 150 AED,
  • 2 Hours = 150 AED,
  • 2.5 Hours = 225 AED

Parking Hotlines

General Car Parks: +971 2 5052 528

Valet Parking: +971 55 9451 573

Park Key – Smart Parking System

This is a new smart parking system which is mostly used to save time, avoid traffic at the car park and allocate the best available place for you. Abu Dhabi airport is quite busy and peak throughout the day thus finding space might take time. This system helps you to find and book your parking spot before you arrive at the Abu Dhabi airport which in return also saves money as it can avoid the cost or the need of valet parking. This is most affordable and can help you even to park your car safely at the spot in just few minutes from your mobile.

You can contact Park Key on 800 727 5539 or drop an email via for more information.

Free parking for Dubai residents using Etihad airways

This facility is provided only for passengers who reside in Dubai and books Etihad airways to travel via Abu Dhabi airport. Thus Dubai residents can book your Etihad air ticket and can claim your free parking voucher up to 7 days from the Etihad shops in Dubai Etihad Travel Mall in Sheikh Zayed Road near to Noor Islamic Metro station or in the Dubai Marina mall at Dubai Marina. This offer is usually only for limited passengers thus contact Etihad airways Hotline on +971 4 407 2200 to make sure you can get the free parking voucher as you need to visit them to get it.

Abu Dhabi airport car park; no matter whether it’s busy or peak will always [provide you with an option for you to park your vehicles without any hassle or tension. Abu Dhabi airport car park is waiting for your vehicle to arrive. I would love to hear your personal experiences using Abu Dhabi airport car park and I welcome any tips you would want to share to the globe.

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