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A major question which rose in my tourism life in Abu Dhabi is that most of the travelers are worried whether there may not be a luggage storage facility available at the Abu Dhabi airport. I would like to confirm via this blog that Abu Dhabi airport has the facility of luggage storage.

This facility is mainly requested by layover or stopover guests. Thus you need not have to worry as it is safe here at Abu Dhabi airport where you can store from 3 hours to more than 24 hours. Abu Dhabi airport also accommodates with safety lockers to store your valuable stuff like mobile phone, wallets, documents etc…

The luggage storage facility counter at the Abu Dhabi International Airport operates 24 hours 7 days a week


The Luggage storage facility is available at the Terminal 1 area at the Abu Dhabi Airport. It is easily accessible from Terminal 3 too. Look for the Airports Services Counter or the Baggage Services Counter.


The price depends on the actual size of the luggage, unit and time, but let me give the basic standard prices used for pieces of luggage on a daily basis over here at Abu Dhabi Airport.

Luggage TypeWeight (Up to)Size in cm (Up to)Up to    3 HoursUp to    24 HoursEach Additional 24 Hours
Hand Luggage5 kg35 x 50 x 2010 AED20 AED10 AED
Regular Luggage20 kg90 x 60 x 3015 AED30 AED10 AED
Heavy  Luggage30 kg90 x 60 x 3025 AED50 AED20 AED
Bulky LuggageBicycle, Pram etc…50 AED100 AED25 AED
Large Sized ItemsGolf Bag, Boxes etc…75 AED150 AED50 AED

The evaluation of your luggage category and the final price is decided by the baggage services staff

Safety Lockers

There are safety deposit lockers available at the Abu Dhabi airport to store your valuable items like mobile phones, jewels, keys, wallets, documents and other small items which will cost 50 AED for 24 hours and after on each additional 24 hours will be 10 AED.

I hope this blog has helped you and answered all you mind queries of luggage storage at Abu Dhabi airport. Please feel free to seek assistance from any of the airport staff or the baggage services crew who will be happy to guide and help you. Abu Dhabi airport is committed to your smooth flow, satisfaction, and smile.

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