Abu Dhabi City Dhow Cruise Tours

We are armed with new cruising tour ideas especially when it comes to Dhow cruise tours in Abu Dhabi. You might be thinking to go for a dhow boat ride with different expectations. Match both time included of the tour, book online easily and satisfy your desires

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Why adventure emirates Dhow Cruise tours are much better?

Why Adventure Emirates Excursion tours are better?

Adventure emirates have created unique and enjoyable cruising tours in Abu Dhabi for your bucket list. Dhow cruise is one best boat ride that you can experience in Abu Dhabi with a touch of personalization. Adventure Emirates tries to satisfy your travel desires by giving you vivid options during day and night time.

Our cruise tours are always conducted as per the advice of Abu Dhabi Coast guards and weather. We make sure safety during the tour. Booking a dhow cruise with Adventure Emirates is very easy and fast. You can book online easily the tour which you like and get the assistance from our team any time using our hotline. The rates of the tours that we provide is comparatively affordable and payment methods that we facilitate are for more convenience of guests.

Usually you can book online and Pay on the tour day at the cruise starting point by cash or using credit card (bank charges will be applied). Even, if you want to do the payment beforehand, no worries we can send you our easy online payment link which is more faster and you can pay using card from anywhere in the world.

You can have nice birthday dinner or anniversary dinner at our dhow cruise. You can enjoy the city views in the morning and evening time through the sightseeing cruise options and catamaran cruise ride. Experience the mangrove beauty while cruising along the Abu Dhabi mangrove.

All these tours are for your delight and Adventure Emirates make it exciting and Unique!

Frequently asked

What is dhow cruise?
Basically Dhow cruise is traditional boat which was used in the ancient times for pearling and fishing activities in Abu Dhabi shore. Dhow history runs till the time of 600 BC. This Abu Dhabi sailing boat constructed is made out of wooden and fiber. Dhow boat available in Abu Dhabi has undergone changes linking past and present.
How many guests can accommodate in Dhow boat?
In the Sightseeing cruise Abu Dhabi can accommodation total of 150 guests, Abu Dhabi Night cruise has capacity for 250 guests, Catamaran cruise has space for 65 guests and Mangrove Dhow can accommodate up to 8 guests maximum.
What is the difference between Abu Dhabi Lunch cruise tour in the day time and Abu Dhabi Dinner cruise?
Lunch cruise in Abu Dhabi is one hour cruise tour that provides buffet lunch during the ride. The dhow night cruise dinner also an intercontinental buffet dinner but it will cruise for 2 hours.
What is the food available in Dhow dinner cruise?
The food menu is an international buffet menu prepared by Hilton Abu Dhabi
What are the times available for sightseeing day cruise boat tour?
Daily 10.30 am, 11.30 am, 3.00 pm and 5.00pm are the sightseeing cruise departing g times from Abu Dhabi marina
Is Catamaran cruise Available in Abu Dhabi?
Yes it’s available; weekend island cruise is a 4 hours catamaran sailing tour that you can enjoy swimming and snacks. Sunset catamaran cruise is a tour available on Thursday evening for nearly 2 hours ride along cornice Abu Dhabi
Can we have our birthday in Dhow cruise?
Yes, you can book dhow dinner Abu Dhabi for your birthday as well. We can give you a separate table and some balloons can be arranged. Also, we can provide the birthday cake for your other than the scrumptious Hilton buffet dinner
Can we hire Abu Dhabi dhow full boat for an event?
Yes, you can contact us for the more information regarding renting the dhow cruise for your private party or event
Is it safe the dhow cruise tours?
We try our best to make sure your safety and the boat is continuously monitored by the cruise team and radar. The boat operates as per the instructions of the coast guards.
How we can book dhow cruise sightseeing cruise?
You can book through online using our website. You have to use your credit card to perform the booking but we do not deduct any amount from your card unless you cancel the booking other than the cancellation policy. Our team will get back to you with the confirmation in email and over the phone
How can I book dhow dinner for my friend using my credit card?
You can do the online booking and request us to send the online payment link. Then easily you can do the payment in advance on behalf of someone whom you love
How Experience Cruise captains are?
The cruise captain who rides the boat is an experienced. Captain knows and skilled to handle the boat at the water waves.
How about the Cancelation Policy
The cancelation policy for usual dhow cruise or catamaran is 16 hour before the tour time. If in case tour cancelled due to bad weather, for advanced payments full refund will be given by us.

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