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Abu Dhabi Safe City

Abu Dhabi Safe City

“Is Abu Dhabi safe city?” a common question that rises in the mind of whomsoever planning to travel to Abu Dhabi. It is a known secret that the perception towards the Middle East region is not that good due to ‘terrorism and crimes’. This has leaded almost all the travellers to think twice before they visit any Middle Eastern country. In one way this has ruined the image of countries like United Arab Emirates, due to the fault of few other countries. Putting aside the controversies about region, let’s have a look about the safety in Abu Dhabi city which is a booming tourist destination in UAE. Not only the defense but also the aspects of Health, Sanitary and Natural disasters, safety information About Abu Dhabi city will find useful for you. Also checkout our recent article about ultimate things to do in Abu Dhabi

Is Abu Dhabi Safe

How Abu Dhabi make sure Personal safety of Tourists and Residents?

No doubt, Personal safety is the number one concern of anyone. Wherever you go, you want and expect safer environment. Isn’t it? True, it is your right too. So, no exception if you are travelling Abu Dhabi prevents accidents, crimes and terrorism attacks. Since Abu Dhabi is the capital city of United Arab Emirates, it has high security and civil defence. Abu Dhabi ruling body including the UAE government make sure the city is free of fear. Police, CID and Arm forces are well trained and equipped with vehicles, weapons and civil defence techniques. Anytime in case of emergency, you can dial 999 for quick help.

Is Abu Dhabi Safe

Safety Rules and Regulations in Abu Dhabi

Moreover, Islamic law and the Sharia law prevail in Abu Dhabi is the base of all acts happens inside the city, make the people to avoid from involving in any bad acts as the punishments are so high.Criminals like robbers, smugglers and thugs are not much available in Abu Dhabi. Rather than other Middle Eastern countries. According to the statistical records, it has found Abu Dhabi is the safest country in the region which has very less criminal records.

Road safety in Abu Dhabi

Most of the places in the Abu Dhabi city are being covered with security cameras. Vehicle speed will be monitored with sensors and radar systems. Therefore all drivers obey the road rules when they drive to get rid of unwanted fines. In addition to that all the public transportation you have freedom to travel even at late midnight by a taxi. Driving after consumption of liquor or drugs will be a punishable offense in Abu Dhabi which has very strict rules.

Are there any terrorist threats to Abu Dhabi?

Abu Dhabi immigration department do not entertain violence or terrorism in the country which disturbs the pattern of life of the people. No person is allowed to enter the country without a valid visa. Advanced security checkups at the airport automatically detect the blacklisted people if they try to enter Abu Dhabi city. Though this city has no high risk of terrorism, we cannot predict the future. That’s why all armed forces, immigration department and other special forces are always in alert of sudden attacks.

Sanitary facilities and Health safety in Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi is a city which as quality sanitation facilities, excellent hospitals are available with advance medical care. The rate of spreading diseases in Abu Dhabi is very less. Clean environment, right maintenance and available facilities are the main reasons for that. Bottled drinking water is the best way to consume drinking water in Abu Dhabi. Better, do not consume tap water for drinking rather than washing and other purposes.In especially during the May – September month, the desert and city the city is hotter with sun rays. Using Air condition inside the buildings temperature. Winter months are so pleasant to enjoy Abu Dhabi city in a good climatic condition.

Rate of Natural disasters in Abu Dhabi city

Abu Dhabi is an island with inner desert. Actually the majority of the inland is covered with desert. No natural disasters recorded in the city except very recent flood took place after a heavy rain. When considering all these facts, the conclusion is Abu Dhabi is a safe place! You don’t need to fear about threats and security, thus Abu Dhabi governing authorities do their duties right on time. Oil is a treasure of Abu Dhabi, but by today Tourism also rising to level where Abu Dhabi beat the world’s wonders.

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