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Abu Dhabi Wedding Anniversary Party Ideas

Abu Dhabi is a great venue to make your wedding anniversary party ideas to reality. It’s a world of romance and love in Abu Dhabi which will enhance and make your family life with more bonding to show and feel how you are close to your loving partner in life.
Wedding Anniversary

Nowadays people plan this special day very uniquely and the old style of restaurant and partying at home is not anymore practiced as it is today happening in a day to day life of a person. I am here to show you the out of the box unique ideas for you

Let us run through how we can make your day special with surprises and fun on your wedding anniversary. Here we go with the list of party ideas

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Abu Dhabi Sea and water are where everything takes a new formula magic. Being in the middle of the sea is the most romantic anyone could ever imagine. What you see in movies is a reality today in Abu Dhabi. Being on a Yacht with a glass of wine or in a Dhow Cruise tasting 5-star dinner with décor will make your partner speechless and your day enlightened.


Romance is not anymore on the road or in a land, it all happening in the desert especially in the middle of the desert. Imagine you are alone on a private dinner set up surrounded by dunes and candles. What else can anyone ask for a romantic evening and a night to celebrate their wedding anniversary than this? The feelings can never be explained in words.


Island Getaways take you from the normal busy life of buildings around you. Spend some time with romance and love on your wedding anniversary in a quiet Island with no disturbance for both of you. Champagne or wine can make your time more romantic while your feet are in the water.

Party Ideas

Many party ideas come to play in Abu Dhabi. Lets us see the list of what possible ways we can add on to our party ideas of a wedding anniversary in Abu Dhabi.

  • Specially designed Cake
  • Themed Parties
  • Balloons
  • Décor
  • Flowers and Bouquets
  • Champagne
  • Wine
  • 5 Star Dinner – BBQ or Buffet
  • Private Setups
  • Candle Lights
  • Music
  • Making that special moment in front of an iconic landmark or atmosphere surrounding you

Tours to Make Your Day Special

Anniversary Dhow Dinner

Via this tour, you will be having a unique 5-star dinner touring around the city skylines, Marina and Lulu Island. The Ambience and décor with a cake surprise will add special highlights.

Private Romantic Yacht Trip

Be with your special one on a private yacht trip and make your partner feel special planning the event with an expert event planner

Island Sunset Champagne

Go on an Island Getaway staying away from the city and feel the romance in the Island atmosphere

Sunset Champagne or HighTea Yacht Cruise

As per the preference of your partner you can witness the sunset for a special wedding anniversary with some champagne and wine for social couples or High Tea setup if your partner is of modesty.

Private Desert Safari BBQ Dinner

Book on a tour with a special dinner set up privately for you in the Dunes and relax with star gazing and chit chats and share more romance on your wedding anniversary.

Planning & Execution

The above selections are on your table for you to plan your wedding anniversary party surprise which is very much closer in your calendar. Get the best experts to do this as this day is only once in a year where you and your partner show more love no matter you are married for 1 year or 50 years, this is the day you share the past, the present, and the future. Abu Dhabi adds more flavor for your wedding anniversary.

Meanwhile, the event planning experts Adventure Emirates is always there to assist you and our tours are designed with real life experience and not just robotic itinerary tours. We have made many couples feel special on this day and we assure that your wedding anniversary party ideas in Abu Dhabi with us will make this day grand and memorable for years to remember which you never had before in your life and will never have such an unforgettable experience again.

Wishing you all couples, a life full of love together with smiles, happiness and great memories. Feel how amazing Abu Dhabi is for your wedding anniversary party ideas.

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