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BBQ Dinner

BBQ Dinner

BBQ is a famous dish around the world. It is smoked steak either Fish or Meat, cooks under the low heat raised from a burning material such as wood or charcoal. Grilled meat and BBQ are two different types of styles in preparing the meat on outdoor. The flavour of the meat absorbed into the meat with the smoke. That’s why it is tastier and looking nicer. The dinner menu served with the Barbecue is mainly called as Barbecue Dinner or Bar-B-Q Dinner

May be you too love to go out and make BBQ. Many people when they go for camping are really fond of making BBQ. In most of the restaurants and hotels BBQ dinner is served with complementary menu with different traditional food items. In United Arab Emirates Bar-B-Q Dinner is one of the mostly available food items that people love to eat. Especially if you go for a desert safari in Abu Dhabi or Dubai or any other Middle Eastern country, BBQ dinner will be always one of the special features included in the tour agenda. But in each country there are regional variations and practices in making the Dinner using various methods.

Arabic Barbecue Dinner

Arabic BBQ dinner is comprises with different types of appetizers with BBQ. Usually, it is served with as a Buffet dinner that you can serve yourself as you want. The menu includes Salad, Main Courses, and Deserts in addition to BBQ.

In Arabic BBQ Dinner, it has included some of the favourite traditional food items such as follows

• Hammus

A spread made with chickpeas, mixing salt, garlic, olive oil and beans. This is served to eat with the Arabic bread called ‘pita’ or Kuboos. Usually this is considered as a salad in the BBQ dinner menu.

• Muttabel

An eggplant looks similar to the Hummus spread but it’s made with ingredients such as egg, olive oil. You can eat Arabic bread and other savouries after dipping in Mutable. This dish is considered as a salad in the BBQ dinner menu

• Tabbouleh

This is a dish made with the ingredients such as tomatoes, chopped onion, and mint leaves. This salad is a very common in UAE with the Arabic food to eat with rice or bread.

• Fattoush

This dish is made out of green vegetables and Radish, carot and tomatoes. This salad is also served to taste with Arabic bread.

• Arabic Bread ( Kuboos)

Arabic bread is a round shape roti but it is different the way the dough is made.

Here is the usual Arabic BBQ Buffet Dinner menu specially served at the desert safaris and desert camps. It depends with each middle east the menu can have slight changers.
If you go to a luxury hotel or restaurant BBQ dinner menu sometimes include seafood items and some exceptions as well.

Desert safari BBQ Buffet Dinner Menu

Here is the common UAE desert safari buffet menu available as Abu Dhabi desert safari Barbecue Dinner and Dubai desert safari Barbecue Dinner. Other than the safari activities this is one of the favourite of the guests who enjoy the tour. In other Middle Eastern countries such as Oman and Saudi Arabia.
Arabic Bread with Hummus, Tabouleh Muttabel, Fattoush

Main course
Chicken Bariyani
Mix vegetable
French fries

Shish Tawook
Grilled Chicken

Um Mali

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