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Beautiful Places in Dubai

Beautiful Places in Dubai

Here we go with the Beautiful Places in Dubai, Dubai is a city that keeps changing. From an ugly duckling to a graceful swan, Dubai is nothing less than a fictional city. With bold architectural statements, breathtaking skylines and thriving modern art scenes, Dubai is synonymous to luxury. Its roots go back to Bedouins, traditional poetry and falconry. Even though Dubai is spreading its wings into the future its feet are still strongly planted in the past. This is evident in the many places that pay a tribute to their traditions and history. With many attractions coming up, Dubai is setting the stage to wow its audience, just like it always does. Read on to find out some of the top existing attractions and the ones that are coming up.

Burj Khalifa

The tallest building in the world is a must visit when you make your way to Dubai. Also known as Burj Dubai, the views from the observation deck in the 124th floor will captivate you with the views of the modern and old Dubai. On the elevator taking you to the observation deck, you will be entertained by a simulation of flying over major landmarks. In the observation deck you can view a multi-media presentation about the building and Dubai. You will be stunned by the panoramic view of the desert meeting the sea. If you have an eye for photography make sure to visit the observation deck at night to get a good shot of Dubai showing off its city lights. The gardens of Burj Khalifa are beautifully landscaped. Apart from that, the Dubai Fountain also puts on a good show and looks spectacular from above.

Deira Souk

Set up in the 1830s, this market, locally known as souk, is the proof of the nationality blend that has made Dubai a melting pot of cultures. You will enjoy the scene of modern buildings forming a background for the dhows all docked in the harbor. Bustling with buyers, the Deira Souk sells everything from spices to jewelry. The Deira Spice Souk is very welcoming with the smells of rose water, ouds and incense wafting through the air. Every flavor of tea imaginable, spices from all around the world and dried flowers are stacked in overflowing bags making it one of the best places for souvenirs. The Deira Gold Souk will make you crazy with the number of designs stacked in the showcases. The Deira Gold souk is known as the largest gold market giving Dubai the name ‘City of Gold’. You can buy any of the pre-made designs or get a customized design of your choice. The fish market is also a good place to be for fish lovers. You can get fish for a good price or just head over there for some local action.

Dubai Fountain

Nestled at the foot of the world’s tallest building is the world’s tallest performing fountain. The Dubai Fountain is a mesmerizing symphony of water. Placed over the 30 acre Burj Khalifa Lake, the fountain spans a length of 900 feet and has two mid arcs. The water jets choreographed to go in sync with many classical and modern Arabic songs as well as international numbers shoot water as tall as a 50 storey building. With daily performances and millions of speechless spectators, the color projectors animate spectrums of more than 1000 attraction and bring the water to life with a kaleidoscope of colors. The beam of light directed upwards can be viewed from more than 20 miles. With shows taking place every half an hour and can be viewed from the lake boardwalk or any of the near buildings. Created by the designers of the Las Vegas Fountains of Bellagio, this choreographed water wonder should be in your ‘attractions to visit in Dubai’ list.

Burj Al Arab

Resting on an artificial island off Jumeirah Beach is the structure synonymous to Dubai. The Burj Al Arab holds the record of being the first seven star hotel in the planet and the third tallest hotel. It was inspired by the sail of the dhow, an Arabian ship. With breathtaking interiors decorated with bespoke rugs from India, wooden doors from Dubai, Chandeliers from UK, marble from Italy and 1,790 square meters of 24 carat gold leaf for embellishments. Head over to one of its restaurants to get a better access of the view and its luxury treatment. You can admire the panoramic views of Restaurant Al Muntaha on your way up. The elevator is fully glass and allows you to take in the beauty of the surroundings. Go on a simulated voyage in a submarine as you go to the Al Mahara Restaurant. It also has the world’s biggest fleet of Rolls Royce cars to boast its luxury status even more.

Ski dubai

Middle East’s first indoor snow park covers 22,500 square meters and houses five slopes of varying difficulty. Who would have thought that it is possible to go ice skating in the desert? Everything is possible in Dubai, the reason why it is a leading tourist destination. Around 60,000 tonnes of snow is used to create a perfect snowscape, just like one from the movie Frozen. Whether you like having snowball fight, a snowman building competition or a skiing race, this is the place to do it minus the extremely harsh climate of a natural snow-filled landscape. Snowboarding and tobogganing are also possible activities. That’s not it! You can even see penguins roaming about in their enclosure. Everything snowy under one roof, would you have believed if I said it that it is in the middle of a desert?

Miracle Garden

The desert is now home to the largest natural flower garden in the face of the earth. Can you believe it? It’s a fine sight! Covering 72,000 square meters of land and using more than 109 million species of flowers, the garden operates from October to April. The flowers are maintained through a drip irrigation method using waste water. It’s like entering a fairyland! You can feast your eyes on the floral clock, vibrant peacocks, topiary-style attractions in the shapes of hearts, stars, pyramids and the breathtaking flower house. Apart from that, you can also visit the butterfly garden and admire the variety of butterfly species in different colors. The world’s first Butterfly and Insect Museum is also within the premises. It will have 9 temperature-controlled domes and will take up a total of 1,800 square meters.

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