Become UAE Destination Expert

The Adventure Emirates’ UAE Destination Experts program is a rewarding opportunity for you and for us. This program aims to cherry pick the individuals who are residing in the UAE and possess vast knowledge about new holiday spots, tour areas, etc in any of the 7 Emirates.  How does this make you important to us? All the firsthand experiences you have in these places will be converted into useful content that will assist the visitors in gaining true and accurate information about all of UAE’s cities and places.

We have come across many locals and expatriates living in the UAE who have had many experiences and gathered plenty of information about the attractions and places in the UAE. Once you are chosen as a destination expert, the information you provide and the suggestions you make about places and cities of the UAE will be featured on our tour descriptions, blogs and Infographic guides with your name mentioned.

Have a voice

You will have your own page on our blog where you can share your story, experiences and the tips you have learned. Your expertise will be under the limelight and you will be listed in our UAE Destination Experts directory.

Showcase your expertise

Unlike most review sites where you are not heard and commended for your knowledge in the topic, Adventure Emirates provides you with an ideal platform that is designed for experts and allows you to demonstrate your knowledge while being recognized for your effort.

Recognition of your expertise and the benefits

We believe in rewarding hard work and scouring the UAE for the best places to eat or the coolest place to get a rush of adrenaline is no common office job. Firstly, all your tips, advice and story will be featured on the Adventure Emirates site. Whenever the news channel is covering a topic related to it, your work will be featured. Additionally, the most useful advice, tip or story will be chosen every 3 months. The winning destination expert will get to enjoy a fully paid tour from the list of things to do that is published on our Adventure Emirates site.


  • You should have an extensive knowledge of at least one city in the United Arab Emirates
  • You must be able to speak and write in English

Upon hiring, further guidance and training will be provided to help you manage your time more productively.


If you are interested please drop us an email or give us a ring