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Best Desert Safari Operator In Dubai

A safari is definitely one of the symbolic experiences any visitor has had in Dubai. Although some may have a really good review about the activity, a few may regret going on one. Everyone has their own opinions and preferences, and the activities of a commendable desert safari experience might vary from one to another.
Many companies to choose from in Dubai

There might be no such thing as the best desert safari operator in Dubai, but let us take a look at the most common problems tourists face while booking a safari in Dubai and a few questions to ask yourself before you book one.

Problem 1 – Plenty of online voucher sites

Best Desert Safari Operator In Dubai Voucher Sites

Advertising has always messed with our minds and encouraged us to do some things we otherwise wouldn’t have. Same apply to the online voucher sites. Customers who pay a high rate are picked up by Land Cruisers and taken to the desert. They experience a perfect dune ride, visit the camel farm and drop them off at the camp. The customers who pay an average amount will be experiencing a shuttling safari where many guests will be picked up by bus and taken to the desert. They are each given short dune rides by a land cruiser in the desert and dropped off at the camp after sunset is over.

Voucher sites are the main cause of bad experiences. Just imagine yourself in the shuttle safari; you will be spending more time waiting around than enjoying the activity. Don’t be fooled by the sugarcoated descriptions that are unbelievably matched with low prices. Make it a point to ask about the vehicle that is being used for transport, a bus or 4×4. If the answer is a bus, please think twice before booking it.

Apart from that, these voucher sites won’t be listed on reputed sites like TripAdvisor. So watch out for complains like no refund, no one answers the phone and reviews of similar tone.

Problem 2 – Lack of Data management


Many companies these days don’t have a proper reservation system that stores the booking details and requirements of customers. If that procedure is not done right, the resulting effect is like a pile of dominos with a bad outcome for you. If the details are not stored properly, they tend to forget about certain guests. In this way you end up waiting for your pickup at the hotel lobby, no one shows up, you lose your money and waste your time.

Problem 3 – Many companies to choose from

Many companies to choose from in Dubai

Numerically speaking, there are roughly 1500 to 3000 desert safari companies situated in Dubai and another 2000 to 3000 websites that offer Dubai desert safari. That’s many operators but there won’t be that many camps in the desert and that many private land cruisers. It’s not crucial for a company to have their own camp and their own land cruiser to guarantee you have a good experience. The company you prefer to book with needs to be capable enough to provide you with what you are looking for even if the activity is being outsourced.

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Problem 4 – VIP Service for Low Price ?

VIP Dubai Desert Safari Couple

Low price and good service don’t go hand in hand when it comes to a Dubai desert safari. Safaris that list prices around 130 to 200 AED will be flocked with tourists and you will spend more time waiting on the queue than enjoying the experience. So if you are going for a private service or are celebrating a special occasion opt for a VIP safari.

Problem 5 – Proper Safari Guides

Dubai Desert Safari Guides

Reputed operators provide their guests with skilled, English speaking guides whereas the less reputed companies appoint guides who don’t understand anything. So make sure to read the reviews.
So how can you make sure that you don’t book a safari that’s going to give you a bad experience? We got you covered with a four step checklist to help you find an operator that provides good safari experience.

1. Check their listing on reputable travel websites and review platforms.

Thanks to advancement in technology we can do some beneficial snooping around before making the final decisions. Make sure to see if the operator is listed in TripAdvisor. Read the reviews they have got from previous customers. This will help you get an idea of the operator’s company image. Any company that cares about its image will provide a good service for their customers.

2. How skilled are their guides

A good guide can make or break a tour. So once you have settled with the operator of your choice, call them up and ask about their guides. What languages they speak, how fluent are they, etc. Make sure to do these before you book so that you can consider a different operator.

3. Their mode of transport

As stated above, all safari pickups should be with a land cruiser or a 4WD. So, if your operator says the pickup vehicle is a bus when you inquire, scrap it off the list and move on.

4. Quality over dough

Whether you are on a budget vacation or not, make sure not to compromise on quality for money. It is better to pay a bit more and have good memories than paying less and having unpleasant experiences.

Enough said, now that you have an idea of the subject, go ahead and book your desert safari. It is not about finding the best desert safari operator in Dubai, but about finding the operator that will give you the best safari in Dubai. Good luck with booking!

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