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Birthday Party Organizer Abu Dhabi

Birthday Party Organizer Abu Dhabi

Many would have done birthday events and for sure there are many event planners in Abu Dhabi, each clients demand every point for someone to be the best. At Adventure Emirates stands number one meeting all clients demands and we are ready to challenge the client by organizing organizing a birthday that is unique and memorable. Adventure Emirates have been the best birthday organizer in Abu Dhabi arranging many birth day parties in different venues with the different concept. Also checkout our recent article about ultimate things to do in Abu Dhabi

Let us run through with facts why Adventure Emirates won many clients hearts and we are sure you will be amazed with your birthday party too and make it a day which you never had before in your life

The Team

Adventure Emirates team is a unique team who works on real experiences. We make your dreams to reality executions. The team consists of a bunch of individual talents who are their very own staff and some from their joint partner agents. This birthday organizing team includes event managers, event planners, event co-ordinators, tour managers, tour executives, venue partners, other services agents and hotel partners who are from the hospitality trade. What else can we expect to be of experts other than these for a birthday party organizer? You can have few, but all in one bunch working for your special day makes your heart more of happiness and confidence for a successful birthday bash.


Usually all event planners throughout the globe, work on events of locations and food. They are mainly concerned first about the venue. But Adventure Emirates is very much unique as they work the formula vice versa. They have readymade tours which are already designed with real exposure. These tours are then tailor made with a mix of our ideas and requests. Thus your birthday becomes a cocktail flavour as it mixes a formula with ideas. Some tours we can bring into your notice is the Birth Day Dhow Cruise Dinner, Private Desert Safari, Private Island Sunset and the Private Yacht Tour. This makes many guests feel of surprise as your venue is going to be out of the norm.


Once you had selected your tour then your location has been finalized. Imagine a birthday in the middle of the dunes or while cruising in the sea. This is just the first level of your birthday organizing.

You then will sit with your the events manager to plan the setup for the day. If it is a bunch of guests you can plan some décor like in the dhow and if it’s a yacht many go with balloons. I went with candles setup around the dunes in private which was so romantic and my next year plan which they proposed was a yacht decorated with flowers. The setup adds on with champagne and wine as per your demand. You can request chairs, pillows or anything which you just dreamt and now want to bring your dream to a real life party.


Adventure Emirates works with great hospitality bodies like Emirates Palace Hotel, Le Meridian  Hotel Abu Dhabi & Many famous restaurant around Abu Dhabi. So remember that your food is not just like the birthday parties you had before, it is 5 star food which is served for you. You also have the options of a BBQ dinner in the desert and Buffet options. High Tea and VIP services too are available in their catering options. I don’t think if you plan your birthday in a 5 star hotel you will get all options under one branch. This is only at Adventure Emirates. You can order and select any cuisine from International, European, Italian, Indian, Chinese or Arabic. If you had some other cuisine or dishes in mind please feel free to insert your ideas as they have a partner for each of your cuisine request.#


You have the option of booking a famous DJ in Abu Dhabi for your birthday party. Usually DJ is played in a Dhow or a yacht or in ballroom. Mainly if you are planning for a group of invitees or partygoers, here the DJ is on board for you to play your style of music requests. These DJs come with experience playing in premium nightclubs and party venues throughout the world.

Music Systems

You also have sound engineers who work as partners to Adventure Emirates. They have the best music systems which suit the atmosphere and the number or participants. In the desert a light music setup, while if you plan to dance in the yacht they have the beat setup and a background music can be played in a dhow with some grooves when it’s time to dance. The brands of music systems used are of world pioneer names in the industry.

Romantic Ideas

Our tours managers and the event managers over here as they are so full of giving that romantic feeling for your loved one. You can ask for romanting birth day party ideas we will give you all what you need from music, flowers, bouquets, decors, champagne, wine and the setup of the romantic ambience. The main reason why romance is tackled well with Adventure Emirates is that they look into details of your romantic ideas. So what you plan on the table is what you see as a surprise on that day.


The last concern of organizing a birthday is the photography. Your birthday party is your memories forever and those need to be captured by the right person. Don’t waste time hunting for photographers outside or trying to do it by yourself or with your colleagues. We advise you to select the best photographers in Abu Dhabi who are partnered with Adventure Emirates. They are photographers who work in the travel industry, model industry and events industry. You can select from the list as per their availability in your date. They can capture your moments of your birthday party in angles which you never thought of. We usually book private photographer for our clients private yacht party where couple had some excellent captures together as couples. The photographers portrayed how romantic the couple are.

Adventure Emirates organanied many birthday parties in the best way ever in Abu Dhabi and we are sure all our clinets will acknowledge us as a Best Birthday Organizer Abu Dhabi. So why wait contact them immediately for your next Birthday and I am sure it is just coming soon.

Adventure Emirates makes your Birthday Bash in grand style which makes your guests or your loved one ask, who the Birthday Organizer who planned this was and the answer is Adventure Emirates.

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