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Breakwater picture stop Abu Dhabi

Breakwater picture stop Abu Dhabi

As the name speaks this is a point and location which breaks water. Millions of visitors arrive here to click photographs on a daily basis. This famous location is a compulsory picture stop in any Abu Dhabi city tours and is a mandatory place to visit if you travel to Abu Dhabi. This is of course Free of charge and has no entrance fee. I write this blog just coz I was amazed to see one of my guest who travelled almost 1 hour and 50 minutes from the Dubai Airport just to take pictures at Breakwater. This made me feel the demand and the passion people had towards this great astonishing place Breakwater. Also checkout our recent article about ultimate things to do in Abu Dhabi

Breakwater is a man made barrier of land which is the hub to the Heritage Village of Abu Dhabi, the tallest flagpole in UAE and the very famous Marina mall. The Breakwater location showcases the best breathtaking and stunning views across the ocean water to Abu Dhabi Skyline, Famous skyscrapers and the great city Abu Dhabi. Make sure to take out your camera when you arrive at Breakwater. This land has been reclaimed from the ocean and is now a maze of nice walkways. Breakwater is famous for breathtaking ocean views and Romantic walks. This is a perfect romantic stroll with an area of ocean walkways near Abu Dhabi Corniche which overlooks the ocean. So couples please do not miss this place.

I work at Hilton Hotel, Abu Dhabi so I go here every day to feel stress free after my work and my wife says that it’s really nice to see it from near the Marina Mall especially nice at Night. I would definitely agree to her as the lights after dark gives more essence to Breakwater. This location is today very much famous for movies and is a hot spot for commercial model shoots, advertisements and films.

To me Breakwater is the only gorgeous location in Abu Dhabi and is open 24 hours for free visit. I know guests who visit this place every week for a period of 20 years and they say that every time they visit here they feel reborn. A 360 degrees camera is also not enough to capture this memory and experience in breakwater

Makes sure you add this top list destination location Breakwater in your things to do in Abu Dhabi. It’s only 35 minutes from the Abu Dhabi International Airport.

Book your Abu Dhabi city tour and make Breakwater your picture stop. I was lucky enough to witness this great view from the sky via a heli tour from the helipad which is located between the flagpole and Marina mall at Breakwater. If Palm Islands make Dubai magical, Breakwater is the picture stop even from the sky in Abu Dhabi.

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