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Butterfly Garden Sharjah – Al Noor Island

Butterfly Garden Sharjah, Imprinting the natural and cultural insights of Sharjah Al Noor Island emerges as a must visit places in Sharjah. This is obviously a favorite niche that allows you to relax under the shades of plant varieties which are inherent to UAE and exotic plants quite often in this Island.
Sharjah Butterfly Garden

Butterfly garden Sharjah location

You can drive till the Buhairah Corniche Road and park your vehicle right in-front of mosque. The Corniche walking track and the park is always occupied by the kids and family especially in the evening time. Also, teens and youth frequently jog along the track and relax seeing the ambiance of Al Noor mosque and Khalid lagoon.

Butterfly Garden Sharjah

Butterfly garden Sharjah fee

To step foot to this serene island, there is a fare of 50 AED (14 USD) per adult (Age 12+) and 30 AED (8 USD) for kids (Age 3 to 12 & Toddlers below 3 years old are free of charge).

Butterfly garden & Al noor Sharjah opening hours

Usually public visit allows from 9 am on the weekdays as well as weekends. On other week days except Thursday, it’s open till 11 pm night and on Thursday and Friday till 12 midnight. If you just wanted to visit Al Noor Island, you do not need to worry about the timing. It opens daily from 9 AM, During the week days till 11 PM and during the weekend 12 Midnight. But make sure you know this information if you visiting in the purpose of visiting Butterfly  house. Butterfly house is open daily from 9 AM to 6 PM

Entrance bridge across the lagoon

At he entrance of  Butterfly Garden Sharjah is more attractive and welcoming. The bridge connects the Island and the lagoon park together from the main entrance. It is made out of wood, metal and fibber. The design of balustrade is more similar to ancient simple Arabic architectural design.

The vista when you move on towards the island on the bridge, the architectural design of Butterfly garden impresses you even from far. Once you walk half way on the bridge, do not forget to turn your face towards the other side too to capture the eye pleasing scenery of stunning Al Noor mosque.

Butterfly Garden Sharjah Bridge Sky View

Indoor Butterfly Garden

Even from distance Butterfly house outer appearance design awake your curiosity to go there and explore. The modernity has been appropriately matched at this place architecture by enhancing the direct natural light to the indoor butterfly habitat. From morning 9 am till 5.45 pm you can enjoy the butterfly garden and have some beautiful time with lovely butterflies. Mostly kids this will be a nice place to kids see butterflies where as very rarely butterflies appear in UAE.

This has become a home to more than 600 butterflies and most of them are from tropical countries. Even though the butterfly garden is an indoor sanctuary, it has provided all the facilities such as humidity, temperature and Eco friendly environment.

Indoor Butterfly Garden Sharjah

Exotic plants and land escape

Walkways along the landscape of Cactus Garden and many other plants in the island are calm and pleasant. If you go there after sunset, if it nice with the light decorations that highlights the plants.

• Exotic plants and land escape in Sharjah Butter fly garden

Ancient crystal rock

As the guardian of the Island 2 precious stone rocks are exhibit in the island. Once rock is a fossil rock and the other is a crystal rock which owns a proud history


Walk in Ovo which is oval shape icon that allows you to walk on across a parallel pond, the couples and families can leisurely walk along the pathways of the ecological garden and spend relaxing time. Ornamental sculpture and Torus sculpture which is a mirror stainless steel eye lenses shape ornament are also situated in the island garden.

Literature Pavilion

Literature Pavilion AL noor Island

This is a place that has an arrangement of seating with cushions and mats. Leisurely you can enjoy the round shape water way and make your mind free looking at the ambiance. If you are going there with your family and companions, you can it there together and admire the garden and have a chat for a while

Natural and calm background music

Throughout the time when you are the garden when you walk across the every nook and corner and when you have a seat, you will hear a light background music that is slow and feel natural.

Take the opportunity to sense the natural environment and the architecture in Sharjah. While having a look at a butterfly house and natural setting of range of native and foreign plants.
Please note that this landscape if not exactly a thick dense forest and most of the plants avail there are been planted. In a desert land having a ecological venue like this is a great opportunity for the both locals and foreigners to have a some hustle free time.

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