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Desert Camel Farm

Just like they store water in their humps for days, you will store them in your heart for as long as you remember. Camels, majestic desert dwellers that have become synonymous to every desert safari are also famous attractions for every visitor of the United Arab Emirates. For many centuries camels were considered as the biggest form of wealth. Even today in the UAE a man’s wealth is measured by how many camels he has, the more the wealthier.

Camel Farm

For Bedouins, the nomadic tribes that live in the desert, camels have been their biggest source of income and pride. Playing a huge role in the heritage of UAE, both socially and economically, camels were given as dowry for Bedouin brides during marriage, a substitute for money while giving charity and a means of transport, food and milk. A strong symbol of patience and perseverance, the camels are widely nicknamed as the ship of the desert because of its gentle saunter that resembles the motion of the ship while sailing.

Camel Farm

From roadsides to camel markets, Camels can be viewed in many places in the UAE. However, visiting a camel farm is the best option to learn more about these gentle giants and the way they interact with their human friends. Visitors can spot the varieties of camel species of different ages, get to know more about them and observe how camel milk is obtained.

Find out more about the camels and get to touch and caress these extremely friendly creatures. These camel farms are situated in the desert and nurture around 70 or more camels. Did you know that you shouldn’t touch a camel until he smells you and gets to know you? Camel farm visits are included in all of our desert safaris as the camel has always been the pride of UAE and will continue to do so for many years to come.

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