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Desert Safari Dubai Online Booking

Thanks to the technological advancements and the importance of internet in our lives, we can access a wider field of information which wouldn’t have been accessible without the internet. The internet has made it possible for us to actually experience a destination before we even step into that soil.
Desert Safari Dubai Online Booking

There vast bank of information which we can access, find out about the country we plan to visit, the specific rules or regulations all contribute to making our trip a smooth and memorable one. Let’s be thankful that we are much luckier than our ancestors.

One such destination that attracts millions of travelers is Dubai, its culture, the diversity, the developments; everything is like a tourist magnet. But the activities aren’t just limited to the city! The desert, which makes up a huge part of the UAE, is also a major contributor to the tour industry. The desert safaris are a mandatory for everyone visiting Dubai and they are more often booked online. So let us take a look at the common desert safari Dubai online booking sites and how one differs from the other.

Desert Safari Dubai Online Booking

Where desert safari Dubai Online booking happens?

1. TripAdvisor

Just like its name suggests, it is the adviser for your trip. Because of its reliability and accuracy, tripadvisor has become a huge resource for all of those who are planning a holiday. The best thing about this site is that it has a short description about the attractions in Dubai, what you are expected to see, what are the activities available, etc.

Apart from that, you can also get first hand tips and experiences of other travelers who have written up reviews. The option to add photos are also allowed giving you access to accurate information, allowing you to make sure whether the company is reputed and have a good status.

2. Tour Operators Websites 

Few tour operator sites also make desert safari Dubai online booking possible by asking you to send booking request via email. These bookings are usually made manually. So make sure to check their status and reputation using sites like TripAdvisor or read the reviews.

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3. Voucher Sites 

Dubai is teeming with voucher sites, unlike many other famous tourist destinations. Majority of these sites sugar coat their low safari prices with interesting descriptions promising you activities similar to a normally priced desert safari. Firstly, these companies perform pickups using buses which ruin the experience of a Dubai desert safari.

Majority of the customers review the company with poor experiences and bad time management. Apart from that, payment should be made upfront before receiving a PDF voucher via email. However, it’s not all bad; there are a handful of voucher sites that sell the real deal.

Desert Safari Dubai Online Booking

Problems faced when booking desert safaris online

1. Vouchers

So let us go behind the scenes of a typical online booking for a desert safari. For instance, you have booked the desert safari online through a site of your choice. You have chosen the date, the time and all other preferences. Next, you enter your credit card details and checkout. Your booking will be confirmed a few clicks later, after which you will be sent a voucher.

This voucher is usually in a PDF format and has all the details about your tour, example your tour starting time, location of pick up, etc. You are required to either print the voucher or in certain cases, you will be sent a mobile voucher which can be carried in your phone. This voucher should be showed at the lobby for your tour to commence.

2. Booking cut-offs

Yet another hiccup for all the tourists who just want to enjoy a perfect Dubai desert safari. Many of these companies have to plan ahead and allocate safari guides for the upcoming tours. Due to this, many online sites set a minimum 48 hour deadline for bookings.

So if you want to go for a desert safari on the 10th you should make sure to book by 8th, the latest. So last minute bookings will always be an unexpected decline.

3. Online payments and refunds

Many online bookings require the payment to be made in advance via their online payment portal. There are certain situations when you are unable to stick to the cancellation policies, a sudden illness or injury, etc. So although you are unable to make it, you have to pay the price of the safari which is unfair considered the situation.

What makes booking through Adventure Emirates convenient?

1. We understand that more than one booking in the same name and same hotel is impossible, so we do not require you to print or carry a voucher in your mobile. Our guide will come to the hotel reception and call you on the number you mentioned at the time of booking or identify you through the lobby or concierge.
2. Even last minute safari bookings are possible because our reservation agents are available all the time.
3. We have introduced an easy and reliable method of payment called book now, pay on arrival. This option allows you to pay when the tour begins or when you meet your guide.
4. We understand your situation too, so any sudden cancellations will be charged the minimum amount as we have also made certain preparations. If your cancellation is made within the cancellation policy time-frame, then we will stick to our word.
5. All our safari pickups and tours are done using a land cruiser. All desert activities require an off-road vehicle to get the best experience so we don’t use cars or buses.
6. Our online reservation system is one of the best in the world and is operated by a skilled reservation team. The advanced features and expert manpower help us manage our bookings efficiently.

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