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What is Desert Safari?

The desert safari Dubai was created for tourists to experience the stronghold of Dubai tradition and culture, the desert. The desert safari combines all the exciting experiences of the desert in to one package. One is sure to experience a high surge of adrenaline, awe at mother nature’s beauty, the generosity of Emirate hospitality and the Bedouin entertainment styles. You are spoilt for choice with a variety of desert safari packages. Mentioned below are desert safari information on what usually makes up a desert safari.

Safari time

If you are really sensitive to heat, then the evening or night desert safari Dubai is an ideal choice for you as the temperatures cool down during sunset. Other options include sunrise or sunset safaris, quad bike safaris and camel trekking safaris.


The desert, although barren, is home to a variety of wildlife species to rival the sighting possibilties in a jungle safari. We are talking graceful gazelles, gigantic camels, speedy monitor lizards and so many others. A desert trip is incomplete without a traditional falconry demonstration.

Lots of adrenaline

Who said the desert can't cater to thrill seekers and adrenaline junkies? Dune riding has become a famous activity synonymous to the Dubai desert. Regarded as the rollercoaster of the desert your options dont stop there. Try sandboarding, quad biking, dune buggy riding and sandskiing to experience the thrill of the desert.

Authentic Food

You might be lured by a budget desert safari promising to offer you the same experiences as a VIP one. Dont be fooled, you will never get the chance to taste authentic emirati food with a budget safari. So spend that extra little, experience authentic emirati food, genuine hospitality and entertainment and feel like a VIP.

Bedouin entertainment

While in the desert an individual can experience a variety of entertainment. Smoking the sheesha encourages social interaction and performances like tanoura, yola and belly dance give us a peek into the folk dances of the emirates.

Camel rides

Camel rides are a great way to see the desert like the bedouins do. The heightened perspective and the lulling motion of the camels moves combine to give a relaxing ride. Although some desert safaris only offer a few minutes, a camel trekking tour can give you more time with the camel.

Planning your Dubai Desert Visit

How hot does it get?

Temperatures during Summer time begin at 106ºF (41ºC) and often tend to increase. The ideal dubai desert safari temperature is usually between the months of December and March which is the period of rain.

Nights and evenings in the desert are a bit chilly with low temperature than day time.

What to wear for a desert safari?

Since the day time is hot make sure to take:

Can you camp?

Camping is possible in certain areas, but it's best to be accompanied by an expert guide or leave camping for the ones who are experienced to camp in the desert. Luckily, there are many overnight desert camping safaris available.

Desert Safari Dubai Cost Per Person

The price of Dubai Safaris vary from season to season. The prices during peak seasons might be a bit high than off times.

Cheapest Desert Safari Dubai Vs Adventure Emirates

Booking cheapest desert safari result in poor experience

Choosing Adventure Emirates’ Dubai Desert Safari will give you great experience because:


The Red dunes are in a place called Lehbab which is 40-50 minutes drive away from the Dubai city.Lehbab is home for many big dunes and amazing desert scenes. Most of the best desert safari operator in Dubai opt for lehbab to do their dune bashing. After finishing the dune bashing they go to camp which is situated in Al Aweer.


1. Arranged round transport

The Dubai desert safari tours include an organized pick up from your hotel or any other location within the city. The vehicles used for transport are comfortable, air conditioned and will be driven by our friendly safari guides. The package also includes a drop off at the end of the desert safari.

2. Bedouin entertainment

Emirates are renowned for their genuine hospitality. Experience activities like sheesha smoking, henna painting, belly dancing and tanoura dance.

3. Thrilling activities

Dune bashing has become a famous desert sport and gives adrenaline junkies a good rush for their money. What makes this activity even more famous is because the individual can comfortably sit inside the land cruiser. Sand boarding or sand skiing where the individual goes sloping down the dunes is also an exciting sport. The sand is soft and cushions any falls making it even more encouraging. Camel riding is a compulsory activity much loved by the Bedouins because of the heightened perspective.

4. Experienced safari guides

Our safari guides are well versed with all safety procedures and precautions. They are well versed with the desert and its many personalities. Being friendly and warm to all our guests are their main priority.

5. Clean camp

Camping the night or spending time in the evening is made easier in our bedouin camps which are clean and well-maintained. All our camps are insured and provide our customers with all the necessary facilities while in the desert. This is a main deciding factor of the best desert safari dubai.


Make sure to read up about the desert safari you are going to book in review platforms like tripadvisor. You can also read the reviews given by the customers on the tour page of your tour operator’s website. This helps you get an idea if what you are spending for is worth the money.


Flexible timing

We are aware that all our customers prefer to explore Dubai in different ways which is why we have a plethora of desert safari options. These packages are designed in such a way so that the customer can enjoy to the max while also keeping time for other activities. We even customise desert safaris so don't hesitate to approach us.

Reasonably priced

Our prices cater to every type of spend limit but do not compromise on the experience. With us you will get affordable desert safari prices with the maximum entertainment you can get. We even offer VIP and luxury desert safaris for customers who want to feel the height of Dubai luxury.

Customer satisfaction comes first

We value customer satisfaction slot which is why we have the option of omitting, adding or changing around the activities of your desert safari. An adjustable tour equals a happy customer.


We pay high attention to environment-friendly processes which is why we put our maximum effort in leaving no waste behind.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The cost for a sharing desert safari is usually around 180AED (49 USD) which will follow a very basic itinerary

Yes, the tour duration also takes into account the travel time.

Yes, you are free to omit anything you don't want to experience in your desert safari.

A 4 Wheel Drive Land Cruiser is used to gain the maximum experience as it is off reading. For luxury desert safaris we use hummers.

You can pay using any of the following methods

  1. Pay on arrival, the most easiest and desired paying option among our customers
  2. Request a payment link to pay with credit cards upon arrival or online
  3. Make a card payment through card machines available atfor our camps (applicable to charges)

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