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Desert Safari During Ramadan

If you are visiting Abu Dhabi, Dubai or Ras Al Khaima during the Ramadan, the first most important question come to you is what will happen or what will not happen in Desert Safari tour During Ramadan.
Desert Safari During Ramadan

Ramadan, the holy month of the Muslim year is probably the only time when UAE relaxes back from its speedy pace and takes on a laid-back vibe which would otherwise be abnormal for this futuristic cities in UAE. This is an annual festival when all believers fast, sacrifice and spend more time worshiping Allah. The outcomes of this month are shorter business hours and a low key night life in the cities to name a few. Being a Muslim country that is quite liberal in every other aspects (alcohol for instance), the UAE cities unveils a twin side of it. This alter ego does have an effect on the desert safaris too. Read the changes UAE undergoes and the activities that are available at a Desert safari during Ramadan. First things first, when does Ramadan come?


The holy month of Ramadan solely relies on the lunar sighting. It begins on the 1st of the Arabic month Ramadan and ends on the 29th or 30th. This period usually lasts 29 to 30 days. So that’s how many days the Muslims have to fast before they celebrate the Eid-ul-fitr.

In the year 2017, Ramadan begins in the evening of May 26th, which falls on a Friday and ends in the evening of June 24th which falls on a Saturday. (Please note that dates are subject to change depending on the lunar cycle)

Desert Safari During Ramadan

What happens to UAE during Ramadan?

Read about the personality traits of UAE’s more laid-back alter ego.

Trait 1- Not much of a party scene

UAE is one of the very few Muslim countries that have nightclubs, bars and lounges that entertain the large number of expats and tourists that flock its lanes. But during Ramadan, majority of the reputed nightclubs will shut down. Lounges, bars and pubs remain open but only serve alcohol after sunset hours. No loud or live music is allowed, so bars and pubs don’t play anything above soft background music. In desert safaris, the availability of alcohol varies from one safari provider to another. Although some serve, majority of them remain non-serving.

 Trait 2-Reduced Entertainment options

Desert safaris are mostly famous for their live performances like belly dancing in Abu Dhabi, Dubai & Ras Al Khaima. However, During Ramadan there won’t be any performances like belly dancing, tanoura, etc. So if seeing these dances is one of the main reasons you are going on a desert safari, its best to ski going on a desert safari during Ramadan. But if you are going on the desert safari for the sport activities like dune bashing and sand skiing, then go ahead.

These are a few desert activities that you can enjoy while on safari during Ramadan.

Sand boarding

Embrace the adventure of the desert and enjoy the desert counterpart of ice skiing. Feel the wind on your face as you go gliding down the mountain of sand. Will the adrenaline guide you till the end or will you stop halfway?

Sunset sand dune boarding

Dune bashing

Expert desert marshals, a comfortable 4×4 and the rolling dunescape ahead of you come together to form the perfect desert roller-coaster. Trace the shape of the dunes and feel your adrenaline soaring as you enjoy the bumpy ride. Sand flying, tires screeching, heartbeats quickening- this is the perfect dose of adrenaline to rejuvenate you.

Dune bashing in Desert Safari During Ramadan

Sunset scenes

Sunsets are a daily phenomenon; however, a desert sunset has something magical about it. Admire the candy-cane colors of the sky as the sun dips below its horizon bathing the entire land with a glow that reminds us of the beauty the desert beholds.

Sunset Stop During the Desert Safari in Ramadan

Camel riding

The Bedouins go-to transport option in ancient Emirate, riding a camel is both eye-opening and relaxing. These graceful creatures are strong and sturdy. Once riding a camel you will understand why they are known as the ship of the desert.

Camel Riding During the Ramadan

Camp activities

Raise your energy level by snacking on the delicious treats. Get your hands decorate with some henna and dress up like the Emiratis for a souvenir photo. Be amaze by the creative art of sand painting before getting some souvenirs. Because it is Ramadan, there won’t be tanoura dancing or belly dancing.

Henna painting During the ramadan

Barbecue dinner

Ramadan is a time of lavish feasts, so you can experience the prosperous feast of ifthar. Break your fast, just like the Muslims with a date and a steaming cup of Indian tea or chai. Eat your fill from a delicious spread of Arabic and Indian dishes prepared by top cooks. That’s not it, eat your heart out from the barbecue station and enjoy any refreshments of your choice. Alcoholic beverages are not served throughout Ramadan.

BBQ Dinner During the Ramadan

Alcohol is not served because the beverage is prohibited for drinking and since this is the month of increased worship, the selling of it is halted. Performances like belly dancing and tanoura are not showcased because entertainment should be kept to a minimum.

In UAE Ramadan usually comes during the summer months so if you want to avoid missing these experiences plan your trip during the winter months. For those of you who have already planned to visit, you can enjoy some good discounts and experience the lavishness of a Ramadan meal.

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