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Desert Safari without Dune Bashing

Desert Safari without Dune Bashing

You have been dreaming of going on a desert safari, but you’re pregnant or feel sick and scared just thinking about dune bashing gets your tummy up in a knot. Lucky for you there is a desert safari without dune bashing option to make sure you enjoy more of the desert and sweat less worrying about the after effects of dune bashing you will have to deal with. Dune bashing is a favorite among thrill seekers and involves a 30 minute session of plummeting through dunes in a 4WD.

Just think of it as a roller-coaster of the desert as you will be following every summit and valley of the dunes. This short thrill ride might be fun and invigorating but it has its own share of disadvantages. Firstly, it’s not family friendly as kids or expecting mothers might feel nauseous after the session.

It might also give the impression of a hurried tour for guests who are unaware of the activity. However much thrilling it is, it definitely cant replace exploring the sprawling desert, its unique wildlife and the mind-blowing settings that promise scenic memories like nowhere else in the world. A desert safari is not just limited to dune bashing, there are other things you can do and still have an awesome desert experience.  So for those of you who want to skip the dune bashing, read on.

Desert Safari without Dune Bashing

Desert safari without dune bashing in Abu Dhabi

The number of desert safari providers in Abu Dhabi are less, but majority of them have the option of eliminating dune bashing. Make sure to book in advance and inform the booking agent about your requirement of a desert safari without dune bashing.  Once your guide has dropped you at the camp area, you can enjoy henna painting, sand boarding and camel riding or just admire and capture the unfolding desert scenery ahead of you.  Towards the end, you will be enjoying a delicious dinner spread with entertainment performances like belly dancing and tanoura.

Desert safari without dune bashing in Dubai

Desert Safari without Dune Bashing

Desert safari operators in Dubai also have the option of omitting dune bashing from your desert safari. Dubai’s middle name has always been unique as the city is reputed for bringing something new. Combining two of the factors that played a huge part in the history of UAE; the desert and the 1950 Land Rover, Dubai offers its visitors with the wildlife safari.

The Land Rover is the ideal vehicle for an authentic, open-air experience of the exotic desert wildlife. This part of the tour takes place within the limits of the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve and the drive through the desert is a real mind-opener. If you think otherwise and prefer to enjoy the in-camp activities, you can request your guide to drop you off at the desert camp.

Desert safari without dune bashing in Ras Al Khaimah

More of a convenient location for those willing to omit dune bashing from their desert safari experience, Ras Al Khaimah has roads leading to the desert camps. So if you want to go on a desert long drive, there’s no better place to be. Once you reach the camp you can enjoy the usual before having dinner with live performances to entertain you.

Dinner in the desert safari

No one would give up good food for anything. Look forward to sitting under the starry sky on a cushion as the breeze of the desert cools you and the smell of delicious food wafts up your nose. Isn’t your mouth watering just thinking about the yummy Emirati food and the scrumptious BBQ spread?

Falconry Safari

Desert Safari without Dune Bashing

Dubai has falconry safari for those of you who want to witness the companionship of man and falcon while learning techniques used in falconry and the ways in which they have evolved. Falcons have played a crucial role in the daily life of the nomadic desert tribe, the Bedouins. You will be able to see the special bond that the falcon has with its falconer and how their hunting skills are put to good use.

Wildlife Safari

The two words ‘wildlife safari’ instantly transports you to Africa where you are hiding behind the thick undergrowth and observing a tiger. Who said there can’t be a desert wildlife safari? Yes, it looks barren because of its baked color and might even lack water, but there are some unique species that call the desert their home. So for all you wildlife lovers, the desert wildlife safari will definitely be an experience you will love.

This tour allows you to experience some of the rare desert species like the Arabian Oryx, the Arabian wildcat, etc while being guided by your tour guide. Please keep in mind that only two Dubai desert safari operators are licensed to have wildlife tours within the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve; Platinum Heritage and Arabian Adventure. Platinum Heritage is the sole operator that operates from a private desert camp owned by a royal family apart from having access to the reserve.

Camel Safari

Ras Al khaimah Camel riding Tours

The camel is definitely nature’s mascot for the desert. Mentions of no other animal will transport us to the desert. These majestic creatures were used by the Bedouins to traverse the desert.

Luckily, we can experience how they felt traveling on a camel with a camel safari. A camel safari allows you to connect with the desert and experience the landscape in a unique way while reliving the experiences of the Bedouins. If you are ready to experience the transportation of the Bedouins the camel safari is a must try.

Night time safari and stargazing

We all know that the desert lets off all its steam and cools down at night which is the perfect setting for some relaxing or stargazing. With night comes the desert’s nocturnal wildlife. Night desert safaris will equip you with binoculars that help you watch all the nocturnal action. Apart from that, you can enjoy the cool breeze of the desert, unlike the dry wind during the day.

Look up at the starry sky which is clearly visible without any light pollution. So check if the night safari includes a telescope and gaze at the far away stars to keep you occupied throughout the night.

Now that your Desert safari without dune bashing dreams have come true and you have more options to choose from, what are you waiting for?

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