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Dubai 20 years ago and now

Dubai 20 years ago and now

When ever I do a private tour the most people ask how Dubai 20 years ago and now, then I started show them the pictures old old day and they see the city now. Its amazing to look back and to see how far Dubai has been developed, so I thought of writing this blog.

Dubai 20 years ago

Back in the days, Dubai was known for pearling, fishing and sea trade. Now it’s synonymous to everything luxurious and extravagant. Dubai started growing after the discovery of oil in 1966. Dubai’s rise as a major tourist destination began in the early 1990 s after taking the well thought-out decision of catering to the tourism industry. This was the starting point for many futuristic investments that have made Dubai a favorite holiday destination. With a band of hotels with untouchable repertoire, malls full of branded shops and attractions that are breathtaking, Dubai entertains all.

Before Dubai was saved with the discovery of oil it used to be a regional hub. Sheikh Maktoum had attracted Iranian and Indian merchants to stay in Dubai by promising zero taxation. This was the beginning of Dubai’s business-friendly attitude. Ancient Dubai was thriving with the trade of pearls, gold and other commercial activities. It was a flourishing port with around 350 shops lining the Deira creek. Because of the increasing number of trade and ships docking, the creek started to sediment. The then ruler, Sheikh Rashid Bin Saeed Al Maktoum made the initiative to dredge the waterway. This visionary step was costly but profitable resulting in Dubai becoming a major export and trading center. This was the initiation of Dubai’s growth. After oil was discovered, Dubai had the necessary money to develop itself. A new terminal at the Dubai International Airport, the largest man-made harbor in the world at Jebel Ali, the development just grew from there.

In the early 1990

In the early 1990, Dubai started investing in infrastructure to attract tourists. Dubai’s main road used to be a deserted land with alone road and the occasional buildings. But now it’s a labyrinth of visionary buildings that beautify the city with its lights at night. The Burj Al Arab was inaugurated in 1999 and became synonymous to Dubai. Dubai started to bring a bit of snow fun when it opened Ski Dubai, an indoor ice park in 2005. People started living in the Palm Islands, the world’s largest man-made island. The Burj Khalifa was opened to give visitors a view of old and new Dubai and many other facilities. The Dubai Fountains caught breaths with magical performances. Dubai never takes a break from expanding and making itself a place for all nationalities. Dubai was a caterpillar but managed to transform itself into a magnificent butterfly.

George Armitage

My love towards United Arab Emirates wasn’t a sudden incident though I moved to Dubai from UK in 2008 & I was so curies about the UAE culture & desert life from the day one since it was totally a different from where I was born and lived. My background in Hospitality industry was the biggest encouragement which allows me to explore Dubai and later on Abu Dhabi with real enthusiasm. I hope these blogs will find useful to every traveler which are my personal experience & comments on UAE things to do as a destination expert