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Dubai & Abu Dhabi Taxi

Taxis Taxis Taxis….. The most number of Taxis are in Dubai and Abu Dhabi being next on the list.
UAE Taxi

Taxi in Dubai & Abu Dhabi

Taxis are a very popular transportation in these 2 cities compared to the other 5 Emirates. Most of the residents in the other emirates hold a vehicle but in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, taxis are much feasible, reliable and efficient than any other transportation.

It’s safe and secure, available for 24 hours, also has special ladies taxi driven by a lady drivers, available all around the city, may even serve you after a party no matter a lady or a man you are safe to drive back home in a Taxi, not forgetting the possibility of a child seat on board and the options of family taxis for 5. Each Taxi is monitored by CCTV and GPS and also overlooked by the Dubai Police and Abu Dhabi Police.

All drivers usually speak English as the main language in demand by tourists and some drivers are multi-lingual in Arabic, Farsi, Urdu, Hindi, Tagalog, Malayalam, Tamil, Sinhala and some French and German too.  All drivers are well dressed in uniforms and practice a safety driving and security to the guests. No bad behavior is accepted by any taxi driver and if complained by a passenger may lead to serious disciplinary actions against the driver or even end up the driver in jail for any misbehavior.

Taxis do not allow Pets on board, and a strict No for Smoking but food and drinks are allowed in small number, just for water, a soft drink or some chips. Having the privilege of eating and drinking please make sure not to litter as UAE is mainly concerned with cleanliness. Alcohol can be carried on board like 1 or 2 bottles in a bag covered, but do not say the driver you are carrying alcohol obviously no one will encourage. It’s on a practical day to day situation this is been advised. Meanwhile, make sure you will not carry a bulk of bottles of liquor in a taxi as this would lead you to the prison and police.

There are many fake and illegal taxis and drivers in UAE. But always make sure you find the roof with the name Taxi and also the logo of Dubai Taxi or Abu Dhabi Taxi and the driver will be in uniform. Usually, all malls, airports, and roads have legal taxis but in some crowded places or streets, you might be approached by drivers who own sharing vehicles for a cheaper rate. Avoid going with them just because it’s cheap as if the authorities will stop you on the road then you will be penalized for encouraging them. You will not be fined but the time you spend will make your day at a loss. Thus only go for Dubai Taxi or Abu Dhabi Taxi for a peaceful journey.

Abu Dhabi Taxi

The city itself is big. But the amount of taxi proportion, when compared to Dubai is lesser. But yet Abu Dhabi Taxi does a wonderful service in meeting all travelers and passengers requirements and demands. In Abu Dhabi sometimes in certain places, the taxi will not be possible as it may be out of their limits of service. Also, some taxis do not travel longer for hours from one Emirate to another without any pre-booking.

Thus make sure you always book a Taxi to be on the safe side and in case you are not covered the best option is to Contact Our International toll-free +1 800 462 8694 to book a pickup and drop off service by means of the airport or a city tour and feel the best experience.

Abu Dhabi taxi rates are relatively cheaper when compared to Dubai. Dubai being a high peak tourist destination is usually higher in prices to meet the demand and the local bodies.

The tariffs from 06:00 AM to 10:00 PM is as follows

  • Flag fall – The starting rate – 3.50 AED
  • Every km up to 50 km – 1.60 AED
  • Every km after 50 km – 1.69 AED
  • Every minute of waiting – 0.50 AED (first 5 minutes free)
  • Booking fee – 3.00 AED

The tariffs after 10:00 PM till 06:00 PM is a bit higher compared to the above

  • Minimum trip fare 10.00 AED
  • Flag fall – The starting rate – 4.00 AED
  • Every 1 km – 1.69 AED
  • Every minute of waiting – 0.50 AED (first 5 minutes free)
  • Booking fee – 4.00 AED

Please note that the Minimum trip fare remains at 10.00 AED so even if it is lesser than 10.00 AED you will still pay 10.00 AED.

The flag fall from the airport is different than the above in the city. The per Km remains the same but the starting rates will be as following.

Car – 20.00 AED Flag fall – The starting rate

Large Vehicle Wagon Car for 5 passengers – 25.00 AED Flag fall – The starting rate

Abu Dhabi Taxi

Dubai Taxi

A sight of a taxi cannot easily be missed in Dubai no matter even if it is early morning or late night after clubbing, a taxi is available at the entrance. Booking is preferred if you are in a place of No taxi points as some Taxis may not stop on the roads. If you are basically planning for the airport or certain meetings then booking is always advisable. Meanwhile, all hotels usually have 24 hours taxi help desk and queues in malls for Taxi.

The same rules apply as Abu Dhabi of the do’s and don’ts but Dubai as more Taxi Operators under the Dubai Taxi Corporation. This is mainly to serve all tourist’s demands and not making anyone unhappy of not having a taxi. Thus any of the below can be contacted. The roof color is the identification.

Dubai is famous for lady Taxi drivers compared to Abu Dhabi but it is only on booking basis. Most lady drivers do not stop on the roads and please make sure it’s ladies only passengers. No men will be encouraged at any given time.

Apart from the normal Taxi Tariffs, Dubai falls into another additional category of Salik in other names known as the Toll Gate Fee. Dubai is famous for Salik Toll gates, so if your taxi uses the toll gate apart from the normal tariff you will need to pay the Salik too. This will be displayed in your total journey price in the meter of the taxi. Salik remains at 4.00 AED per toll gate to a maximum of 24.00 AED per day.

Dubai taxis are fully equipped thus in case you need a bill or a receipt they can be able to provide it to you. Some taxis in Dubai around 40% are equipped with credit card machines where you can use your debit and credit cards. The RTA aims to convert this system 100% by mid-2017. This is the only Taxi service in the Middle East which works with a headquarters of 500-600 staff and one of the biggest call centers in Dubai with a lost and found service team.

The Dubai Taxi Tariff starts at a flag-down rate of 5 AED if a taxi is stopped on the road. The per Km rate will be 1.75 AED. Dubai always sticks to a minimum taxi fare which is 12.00 AED.

Booking flag down rates are higher as the taxi is reserved from the Booking & Despatch Centre for you and with your requirements like may be of a child seat. The per KM rate remains the same but the flag down rates during peak hours from Saturdays to Wednesdays from 07:00 AM to 10:00 AM and 04:00 PM to 08:00 PM and on Thursdays and Fridays from 04:00 PM to 12 Midnight remains at 12.00 AED while the off-peak hours apart from the above starts at 8.00 AED.

Dubai Taxi

The Airport Taxi pickup Flag rates start at a higher similar to Abu Dhabi starting from 20 AED and 1.80 AED charged per KM.

Dubai Taxis and Abu Dhabi Taxis are always at service to serve you the best in your travel journey with utmost safety and security, but in case you are planning for a city tour or need more attention, then the best option is to contact Adventure Emirates as we are based in Abu Dhabi and Dubai too.

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