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Dubai Airport Parking Fee

If you are visiting any of the seven Emirates and prefer flying over driving down in your vehicle, then the Dubai Airport offers a perfect service that will make your holiday more about enjoying the sights and less about worrying if your car is still in one piece. Parking your vehicle at the airport is a good option because:
Dubai International Airport Parking Lot
  1. The percentage of theft or vandalism is literally zero percent
  2. Your car is safe from any harsh weather conditions like sandstorms, hailstorms, rain, etc that can change the appearance or even slightly damage your vehicle (especially in the case of hailstorms)
  3. There is 24-hour security

The Dubai International Airport has two sectioned parking spaces, Car park A and Car Park B. The Car Park lot A provides sufficient space for temporary parking and is suitable for parking cars within or for one day. On the other hand, Car Park B is allocated for long-term parking. If you are away for anything more than a day, then parking in Car Park B is much suitable for your pocket. The price difference is because car park A is closer to the airport than car park B, but offer similar services. The Dubai International Airport Parking Fee for car park A and B are:


Car Park ACar Park B
0 – 15 minutes1010
0 – 30 minutes1515
30 minutes – 1 hour2020
1 – 2 hours3025
2 – 3 hours4030
3 – 6 hours5035
6 – 9 hours8040
9 – 12 hours11055
12 – 18 hours16080
18 – 22 hours220110

22 – 24 hours



Daily Rate or Part Thereof240


While entering the parking lot you will be greeted by an automatic toll machine which will issue you a ticket stating the date and time of entry. Once the ticket is dispensed the toll gate opens to allow you to enter. You can park at any spot you prefer.

While leaving there will be a parking machine in which you have to enter the ticket and it will calculate the fee. After paying, the toll gate automatically opens to make way for your exit. Payment is accepted in both cash and credit cards.  Whether you are going away for a few days or weeks, the Dubai Airport Parking Fee is a minute price to pay for the safety of your vehicle and the sanity of yourself.

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