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Dubai Atlantis hotel history

Dubai Atlantis hotel history

Atlantis, The Palm Dubai is from the family of Atlantis, Paradise Island in The Bahamas which is from the Kerzner chain. This brand is owned and created by Sol Kerzner, a South African who is one of the richest well known names in the World’s Casino industry. Atlantis, The Palm belongs to the Kerzner International and Istithmar Dubai. We know today that Atlantis hotel makes The Palm Jumeirah proud. It’s the first hotel to rise in The Palm and still the best in the city. Many think it’s a seven star resort for its magnificent size and the level of service, but it’s only a five star. Their standards have made it speak more than even a seven star hotel. Lets us see the History of Atlantis in this short blog.

Sol Kerzner’s dream come true was the Atlantis, Paradise Island in Bahamas. When hunting throughout the globe to make another Atlantis, he never found another city like Dubai. This was the beginning time of the development of the Palm Jumeirah Islands too. Dubai is the only country which values diversification and they had the money to fund this project. After intensive discussions in the year 2005, the construction went live in 2006. The Palm was building the Island while Atlantis was ruling the Crescent construction. The construction of the hotel was carried out by Laing O’Rourke, one of the world known companies for gigantic master construction projects. Around 58,000km of steel bars were used in the construction of Atlantis, The Palm. This is actually more than 9 – 10 times longer than the Great Wall of China. So imagine how it would have been to build this. I met Tim Bushell one of the Pioneers in the Atlantis team who is now a VP over there. He told me that they used to travel in boats to the site of construction. There was no underwater tunnel. To make Atlantis a magic entrance the underwater tunnel below the sea was proposed to the Dubai Government and Nakheel. This made many countries look Dubai at a surprise. Many thought this would not be a reality but Dubai made everyone’s dream come true.

The Atlantis Dubai is the myth of the lost city Atlantis. The theme is same as Bahamas but officials and bloggers say that this Dubai is vast in getting the real feel and the myth live than Bahamas. This Atlantis hotel is the recreation of the myth of Atlantis which is the legendary historic island which sank in to the sea. Everything was planned in Atlantis Dubai that it will give the best experience and a guest can explore all from the water park to the dolphins to its interiors.

The history is all what they were concerned to show to the world. Even the towers which is like a palace shaped, is actually the shape of a dolphin. They really wanted to take the guests in to the mystery of the greatest history and who lived there and the way they lived, bringing that same empire into this world today. The Ambassador lagoon was setup in that factor in mind bringing those sunk chambers in reality to see in your own eyes. People even today see and get amazed of it. From doors to locks to every inch is the Atlanteans’ life. The Atlanteans had the most advanced technology and the incredible architecture. The lost chambers was built especially to not forget the history of The Atlanteans. The sages is a must see in the lost chambers even today. The seven genius sages of the Atlantean civilization are brought live today in the lost chambers. You can see here today the remains of an organic computer found from the King Atlas of the Atlantis Kingdom. This is the same arena setup where they used to do great discussions during that era. The red sage Chamber is also displayed to the public along with the astronomical chair and the telescope mask where they used during that era as to know the calendar, seasons and the weather. This is witnessed by each and every person entering the lost chambers and is the specialty of that aquarium than any other in the world. The enormous rooms and suites with great views and also the underwater suites are all plans and designs of the great Atlanteans who rocked this world once upon a time.

The ancient ruins and around 60,000 marine habitats were brought into the country to fill up the ambassador lagoon. Tonnes and gallons of water are surrounded in this Atlantis, The Palm Dubai. It’s same as the earth; 75% of water and 25% of land. Today being the pioneer in all aspects; from the aquarium to the dolphin bay and even the water park and all you name in the resort makes Atlantis stand as the number 1 in hospitality. In 2007, 28 bottlenose dolphins from the Solomon Islands were been shipped to Dubai Atlantis. Imagine the size of the resort built like this; today if you float in the Aquaventure River it will take around 45 minutes to go around, and then imagine how much time they spent and the effort put in to get this structure Atlantis. The entire property crosses over a massive 46 hectares with almost 17 hectares only for the aquaventure. Now it’s getting even bigger reaching 50 hectares. Corals in Atlantis are today considered as Marine exhibits.

The hotel was built in 2 towers the east and the west towers holding 1539 rooms for public and two for the top management. It’s actually 1541 rooms. The lobby was where they spent more time to design as it was more of art and drawings. Each drawing and design in Atlantis; especially you can see it in the lobby ceiling and the avenues ceiling; is all about the world nature and history. It represents water, fire, nature and many to still keep this place remember the Atlanteans. The promotions too still carry the Atlanteans. The Dale Chihuly the glass sculpture in the lobby is today visited by many and taken pictures in front of it. But do you know that they spent 02 years to get this up. It was designed by the very known Dale Chihuly himself with over 3000 glass pieces which were individually hand blown in Seattle, and then shipped to Dubai.

Each and every fact was seen in detail. The Team was headed by Istithmar and Kerzer International with Sol Kerzner in action along with CEO Alan Leibman and Serge Zaalof, The General manager of Atlantis, The Palm. On 24th September 2008, it was officially opened and on 20th November 2008, the Grand opening took place with the best fireworks until today in the world along with the opening of the Palm Jumeirah too. Many celebrities throughout the world attended this event and they were stunned with this creation to live. Their comments to the media grabbed the attention of the world to visit this property.

Today having a team of more than 5000 staff with 90 nationalities speaking 70 languages have no words to explain its success. Every guest or every employee in the world wants to step in to Atlantis, The Palm. Today this property is owned by Sheikh Mohammed himself and he considers Atlantis, The Palm as the Dubai Icon than even Burj al Arab coz Atlantis reached all types of guests. People host their events and movies here for free promotions and prestige. You do not need any advertising. Atlantis is the only resort in the world which does not hold a name board. The building speaks it all. This Journey of Atlantis doesn’t stop here as there is another property of Atlantis rising soon in end of 2017 and expected a grand opening in 2018. It’s just opposite the same amazing building. Atlanteans never cease to amaze the world.

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