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Dubai Desert Camping

Dubai Desert Camping

The Dubai desert is more than the barren lands depicted in many movies; it is a magical landscape with lofty sand dunes and thriving flora and fauna. It provides its visitors with adventure, adrenaline, romance and bucket loads of fun. Sunsets are common; however a desert sunset is something magical that has to be witnessed at least once in a lifetime. Dune bashing, sand boarding and quad biking all magnify the thrill the sand dunes narrate. Enough about the possibilities in the desert! Let us talk about a Dubai desert camping experience.

There are numerous desert safari tours with overnight stays in the desert. The overnight desert stay with BBQ dinner and breakfast is one such tour that allows you to admire the desert at night and at day. It allows you to spend more time listening to the hum of the desert wind while taking in the landscape reflecting gold at morning and silver at night. A common doubt is the things that are required to pack when you are on a pre-prepared camping safari. The usual gear, tents, sleeping bags and most of the other general needs are provided. Just keep the following tips in mind or else the desert might irritate you.

1. Put on open footwear during your dubai desert camping

Reason: The desert sand is very light and is made up of small particles. It is easily carried by the wind and can get accumulated through the smallest of openings.
Avoid wearing socks and sport shoes or sneakers. Instead opt for sandals, gladiators or flip flops as they can be easily removed to dust off the sand. Also make sure not to wear any slippers with kitten heels as the sand is very soft and can cause it to get stuck in the sand resulting in a fall.

2. Carry a light sweater or long sleeve jacket

Reason: The weather at night can get a bit chilly. There is no dramatic temperature drop, but some people cannot tolerate even the slightest change in temperature. Better to be safe than sorry so don’t forget to bring one along. If you didn’t pack anything because of Dubai’s all-year sunny weather, then a blanket will also suffice to keep you warm. Read more about What to Wear to a Dubai Desert Safari

3. Bring a camera

Reason: The desert is full of photographic opportunities just hiding behind the next sand dune. Marvelous sunsets, inquisitive wildlife and so much more you wouldn’t want to miss. I am sure you can capture a few photos to add to your photography album on Facebook.  You don’t have to bring a camera; even your smart phone camera will allow you to capture the hidden beauty in a scene.

4. Don’t come alone

Reason: It’s not something scary. It’s just that the beauty of the desert is magnified when you enjoy it with someone. Be it your sibling, your soul mate, a few best friends or a parent, the possibilities are magnified. Isn’t it true that the best moments are made when spent with an additional person? So make your experience even better.  Since we take care of everything else, these are the only points you should remember when visiting the desert for an overnight stay. Be prepared for the unexpected, you can’t guess how the desert will surprise you.

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