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Dubai Dress Code

Maybe you have had heard many stories about clothing and confusions of what to wear in Dubai.
Dubai Dress Code

What to wear in Dubai?

I’m being a tourist of Dubai for a long time and currently resides here would like to make this blog in a simple practical way. Dubai is another London or NY and not another Middle East city. Anything which is comfortable to you is always welcomed in Dubai.

Key Facts

  • For summer loose clothing and thin materials are welcomed to fight the heat while in the winter seasons sweaters and jackets are advised.
  • Please do not wear anything offending any religious beliefs or anyone in person (like slogans).
  • If entering public places, do be mindful to check if there are any notices on dress code as sometimes they prefer something modest.
  • If entering mosques it’s compulsory for both men and women to wear something long and no sleeveless is allowed. Additionally, women should cover their heads while visiting mosques.
  • Respect local customs of the UAE Culture.
  • Strictly No Nudity


Dress code in Dubai for men is not much of a worry. Thus almost everything is encouraged but not something offensive. Sleeveless, shorts and national costumes are welcomed in Dubai to be worn by men.

Dress code not allowed for Men

  • Men are not allowed to be bare body unless they are at the beach
  • Too much revealing shorts are not allowed
  • Sarongs are not allowed in Public places.


Most women have a big worry whether they can wear shorts and minis in Dubai. Honestly, the books say NO, but if you see with your own eyes in Dubai you will know that Dubai has much more freedom in dress code. Women can wear shorts, skirts and even sleeveless in Dubai. Just keep note that some places you visit may have a dress code.

Facts of don’t to note forWomen

  • Do not show much cleavage
  • Do not wear too much short revealing your private parts.
  • Transparent clothing is not allowed in Public. (But Modest Transparent is fine in night clubs)
  • String Thongs are not allowed in Dubai public beaches

Other states in UAE like Sharjah and Abu Dhabi may be a bit strict compared to Dubai. But in Dubai dress code is never a worry. If it was disturbing in the back of your mind, just be free to wear which you feel comfortable.

The Tips to Be Safe in any place especially for Women

  • Make sure you carry a scarf or a shawl handy so that even if you are wearing a tank top and the place you visit says you need to cover your shoulders you can use the scarf and enjoy your journey.
  • Try your best to wear below the knees so you do not have any restrictions in any place and no one can stop to advise you.


I welcome you all to this lovely place Dubai to enjoy the city the same as if you are in your country wearing your dress code in your normal day to day life there. Please do not forget to try the local dress the Kandura for men and the Abaya for women.


Carol Neilon

Our living exposure here has helped us to gather up-to-date knowledge of happenings in UAE and we've guided many visitors for memorable holidays.