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Dubai Gold Souk

Dubai Gold Souk

Looking to buy that perfect ring for your significant other? Or better yet finding to gift your loved ones something of great value to indirectly express how much they mean to you? What better option than Gold and precious stones! The Dubai Gold Souk has got you covered.

The Dubai Gold Souk is famed for its exclusive and dazzlingly beautiful collection of precious and semi-precious jewelries in Dubai and around the world. There are ready made jewelries that one can buy instantly or otherwise one can order a customized piece of jewelry to be collected at a later date. Jewelry and its accessories are not only a female weakness but now also extends to men, who fantasize unique pieces of jewelry on watches or even bracelets. A popular form of jewelry for men is the white gold and silver collection which is available here.The famous Dubai Gold Souk is located right in the middle of Deira. The district of Deira is the commercial city of UAE, and home to many trading businesses from spices to clothes to gold and to almost everything.

A recent survey has revealed that the Gold Souk has an estimate of a staggering 10 tons of gold at any given time on average. These gold retail shops are located in the city of Al Dhagaya, and can be reached by boat (Abra water Taxi) or the Dubai Metro. If one is in the locality near the Dubai fish and vegetable market or near the old Souk marine station it is just a small walk to the Gold Souk. For your information some of the most reputed retail shops at the Dubai Gold souk are Damas, ARY Jewellery, Shyam Jewellery and Joy Alukkas. There are also a number of other small reliable shops operating in the Gold Souk that sometimes have better deals than these bigger retailers.


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Opening hours

Open from Sataurday to Thusday at around 10am till 10pm, depends on the season & business. Since friday is official holiday due to Jumma Prayer it will start from 4 PM till 10pm

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