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Are you a Dubai Solo Traveller ? Though we find people usually travels with families or couples, we experience that is there a unique requirement for a solo travelers. These Free Individual Travelers are explorers, photographers, bloggers, youths and teenagers and also some mature singles.

This category of travelers think a lot before they enter a country as they make sure they can enjoy their best and will never feel alone. Globally, when it is for Solo travelling, insiders say it’s only for beaches or fun and entertainment. Some countries and cities which are famous are Bahamas, Bali, Bangkok, Las Vegas, Ibiza, Cancun, Croatia and Maldives. There are many others in the list but only Dubai and Abu Dhabi stands out tie-to-tie with the other countries.

United Arab Emirates Welcome Many

United Arab Emirates (UAE) being a country of welcoming any traveler, never disappoints or gives it a doubt for any solo traveler with whatever expectation they arrive to the country. Dubai and Abu Dhabi masters the psychology of solo travelers and caters them every minute, every second to enjoy, from the time they are out of their flight until the moment they get into the flight to depart back to their country. Most of the tourists over the years who enter Dubai and Abu Dhabi as solo travelers are a stopover traveler who normally stays for 2 – 4 nights in UAE to get the maximum point of their short period. And they have their own budgeting and as per the statistics range maximum up to USD 200 per night for accommodation and maximum of another USD 200 per day for the activities and food.

The key destinations of visit in UAE are Dubai & Abu Dhabi and we advise not to miss both if you have entered the country’s airport whenever in your life. Now, when it comes to 2 cities a lot of tourists thinks it will be difficult, may take time same like other countries across the globe. ‘Will it be feasible and possible to visit both Abu Dhabi and Dubai in a short stay?’ is a big worry to many tourists Actually it is doable as it is just a 1.5 hours drive from Dubai to Abu Dhabi and in case you stop for any sightseeing on the way will maximum take you only 02 hours. In Dubai we not only have tourists, but also residents who travel on a daily basis between Dubai to Abu Dhabi for leisure and business requirements.

Luxury Dubai

Dubai is identified worldwide for its hotels from the 7 star Burj al Arab to minor budget hotels in Deira. But when it comes to Abu Dhabi, luxury hotels like Emirates Palace and apartments in Etihad towers are available. But in Abu Dhabi also comprises with number of hotel choices for all travelers. Abu Dhabi too offers all choice of hotels from gigantic to mini-budget. Therefore it depends on what you would like to do in the city and for you to select a hotel near the prime location. You can stay in a hotel near to the Marina Mall if you prefer to enjoy some main attractions and do some wonderful activities mainly in water or you have the option of staying next to the beach as Abu Dhabi is famous for Island Getaways or even you can stay in an economic hotel next to the main bus station near the Al Wahda mall.

Breakfast and meals are a serious concern to many travelers as they are curious about hygiene and price. In most countries tourists have the breakfast and other meals in the hotel they stay itself concerning food safety. But UAE as a whole is a place known as a food ground. Their safety and hygiene standards are high. Tourists have the options of ordering from outside like fast food restaurants to their hotels or they can find cheap food anytime through out the day in the streets and malls. A lot of restaurants outdoor may it be big or small caters a variety of food availabilities with all having better quality and worth paying for those.

You can find all types of food ranging from western to eastern to Chinese to Japanese and even African in Abu Dhabi City. Food is never a worry. The only point to take note is that during Ramadan period the restaurants will be open to public only after sunset but the option to order and get it delivered is always available in your choice bucket. So if you are a solo traveller you are on a cheaper purse to save some notes eating outside.

Heat makes some solo travellers worry as usually they like walking around. The question many have is ‘can we walk in Dubai and Abu Dhabi when there are so many highways?’ Let me answer it in a resident’s point of view considering these solo travellers as my colleagues. There are many highways in both cities, so accessing is easy. Other than the highways there are ample areas to walk and look around. Also public transport like buses, Dubai Metro, water taxis and also the car taxis give easy access to any destination in any part of the city. Heat is not an issue at all as it is going to be like a normal summer in western countries. Yet depends on the months you travel into UAE. The best times to visit are during the winter times from October till April. The best and awesome climate of Abu Dhabi and Dubai is on this season. During summer it’s hot but if you are not used to it then it will be exhausting.

Before I end this paragraph, just a tip to remember that we have air conditioners all around Dubai and Abu Dhabi including the bus stands. In case you feel hot then the best way like I do, is to chip into a mall or a restaurant or a food court or just a hyper store. Even a small grocery or a fashion outlet store will have coolness. So actually you don’t feel the heat. The main fun for me in summer is best deals, offers and holiday packages. So why not make use of it. Meanwhile if you need rain just drive to the astonishing Fujairah city. These hints are from a layman type of tourist’s view of understanding the logic and the practicality.

Most individual travellers are into cultural and architectural stuff rather than spending time on shopping during their holiday vacation. UAE is a best destination for those as apart from Abu Dhabi and Dubai you have the other states where you can drive in within less than 02 hours. Fujairah, Ajman, Ras Al Khaimah and Umm al Quwain will never fail to surprise you with its heritage, forts, mountains and beaches.

Dessert Safari is a must do activity for any tourist in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Solo travellers never miss this tour. They somehow make it. But most travellers have a big question worrying which is best Dubai desert safari or Abu Dhabi desert safari. Actually this answer cannot be given by usual residents. Having exposed to this life for years and encountered many tours in various cities, I found out these differences. Dubai Safari is almost like a social element. It’s got a lot of fun where you can experience belly dancing, Arabic tanoura dancers, fire dance shows with a normal dune bash at a cheaper price.

But what stands out in the lead for dune bashing and the dinner is Abu Dhabi desert Safari. It gives you some high quality dune drives with an awesome BBQ along with light entertainment which may have only belly dancing. Abu Dhabi desert safaris are famous among couples. The price is a bit higher than Dubai but worth for the price. Basically in short Dubai desert safari is for the mass market and Abu Dhabi desert safari is for the class market. So it depends on your choice to select what you want from a desert safari and make it the best.

Same goes to the Dhow Cruise Dinner. Dubai and Abu Dhabi is great at this activity but the price in Dubai is cheaper and has some quick ranged activities like even magic shows but Abu Dhabi is more of food quality range and enjoyable for couples, VIPs and people who want some style, class and peace. Dubai Dhow Cruise works at a rush pace while Abu Dhabi Dhow Cruise breezes at a calm pace. So your personality and attitude decides where you fit and what you prefer and expect from the tour.

Last of this found is that solo travellers are into photography. Most solo travelling tourists are deep into photography explorations. Dubai and Abu Dhabi are very famous and popular for gadgets and technological innovations. Most solo travellers bring in and want to use their drone cameras to get aerial video and photos. But is this legal is a matter of consideration before we fly it up in the air. Actually in the city it’s not allowed unless may it be a beach or park or small area. But in the desert areas, it’s legal and allowed.

The only rules wherever you may use it, you need make sure to follow is that please do not take any photographs or videos of any government institutions, bodies or any of their buildings and make sure not to take clicks of people especially the locals in the country without their permission. This is solely done for safety, security and privacy reasons of the people living and visiting and the country as a whole.

UAE is the only country which has appointed a Ministry of Happiness thus they make sure every person living or visiting this country may it be a family or solo, a kid or an adult, young or mature, black or white, all of them enjoy the same way to creating an amazing experience and talking amazing about UAE. So now it’s time for you to setup Dubai and Abu Dhabi in your next travel itinerary and enjoy a memorable vacation even you may be alone just for a short period.

George Armitage

My love towards United Arab Emirates wasn’t a sudden incident though I moved to Dubai from UK in 2008 & I was so curies about the UAE culture & desert life from the day one since it was totally a different from where I was born and lived. My background in Hospitality industry was the biggest encouragement which allows me to explore Dubai and later on Abu Dhabi with real enthusiasm. I hope these blogs will find useful to every traveler which are my personal experience & comments on UAE things to do as a destination expert