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Dubai Tourist Information

Dubai Night View

When it comes to the above subject, I am sure you must be fed up of blogs just stating contacts numbers, addresses and emails of some places in Dubai. Honestly, there are enough and more places to find contact numbers and many of my blogs have such type of required information for tourists.

In this blog I thought of making things interesting by providing information of Dubai to travelers and tourists who are choosing Dubai, need tourist information to make a final decision without any confusion and also some tips to travel to Dubai and to rock the city.

Just a tip to start off; make sure you book the flight with Emirates, the official airline of Dubai which I really recommend for excellent warmth customer service. Emirates Airlines will give you the feel that you are going to enter and land into the Paradise City Dubai.

Climate – Is Dubai Hot?

This is a key concern for most tourists. The best months to travel to Dubai is between, October to April. This is the winter season of Dubai where the climate is awesome. Not hot and also during December and January you can be able to experience rain. During other months Dubai is quite hot like in July and August hotter but from my experience, it’s very much manageable with sunscreen and hats. It’s similar to Miami Beach heat in summer and the best part is everywhere you can find air conditioners, even in public transport.

Language – Worried?

I was worried too at first as I have traveled to many Middle Eastern cities and language was a barrier. But in Dubai, I felt like I am in my own country as English is everywhere. Actually, I heard more English and met people who speak English rather than Arabic. So no worries of communication!

Population – Only Arabs?

Most people think Dubai is also like Saudi or Qatar where there are not many people to interact with tourists. But I was surprised to see almost all nationalities in this magnificent city. When I visit a mall, I can find people from Asia until Africa living in Dubai as Expats. Surprisingly many Europeans too work and live in Dubai. I was very happy to meet some Spanish, German and French nationalities who welcomed me to Dubai Nightlife.

Can I be a Dubai Citizen?

Dubai welcomes expats to work in the city but no citizenship can be obtained in Dubai no matter even if you live for many years or your kids are born in Dubai. If you are employed you can live in the country as a resident visa holder and also sponsor your wife and kids if you have adequate income. Honestly, to live in Dubai you must be employed, own a business or study and the rest of all are tourists. But women are lucky, in case you are happy to marry a local Emirati then you are eligible for citizenship and hold a UAE passport. Sorry guys we are men don’t have that privilege to marry a local Emirati woman.

My Safety?

Safety comes as a priority for many global travelers. For me Dubai is Heaven. The crime rate is low and as per my experience, it’s NIL. Safety and Security are Dubai’s biggest success. From police, CCTV, security, traffic rules, Civil defense, laws to the people everyone works towards making Dubai a safety place. I never found any thieves and public harassments in Dubai. A girl is safe even at night to walk or take a taxi by her own. I had forgotten and kept some bags in the mall and went to the toilet and even after I came it’s still in the same place. Once I lost my phone in the taxi and I found it in the lost and safety of the taxi service. By the way, if you are caught doing anything out of the law you will be deported immediately.

Snow in Dubai – Shocked?

Yes, it’s true. There is snow in this city in the middle of the desert. Visit the Ski Dubai in the mall of the emirates which is a place for snow and ski. Ski Dubai offers all that you need to enjoy the snow from jackets to gloves. You can find penguins here too. My favorite place during summer!

Alcohol – Is it a No?

Alcohol is available in Dubai. It is limited but still exists. Just follow the basic and give respect to the rules. Actually, you need a license to drink at home or buy alcohol in stores. But as a tourist, we mostly stay at hotels. So no worries all hotels serve alcohol meanwhile, you can enjoy drinking alcohol in restaurants, bars, night clubs and yacht & beach parties. The only thing to keep in mind is behaving well, no public drinking, no drink & drive, no fights & arguments. Enjoy alcohol giving respect to others. Until you do not harm anyone, no one will question you. But if it crosses the limits then, be ready to face the Dubai Police. If you are over drunk just take a cab taxi to your hotel or if you enjoyed in your hotel room just avoid going out. This is for your safety.

Dubai Buildings?

Dubai is always a new town and a city growing every minute. On an average, there is a new building rising every day. From innovating designs and buildings to the biggest brands and companies, all are based in Dubai. Just travel on Sheik Zayed road, you will be surrounded by buildings which will give a feel which I cannot explain. Try Dubai Metro in Sheikh Zayed road from Marina to Burjuman. Malls and hotels in Dubai add on to the elegance of the city.

Tallest Building – What to see?

Burj Khalifa is the name of the tallest building located in downtown. Next to you also have the Dubai mall for shopping and the Dancing fountains for an amazing show for you. Burj Khalifa can be viewed from outside and taken photographs while at the same time you can buy tickets and visit the top and see the city from the tallest building. You also have the Armani hotel here with an exclusive night club. Atmosphere restaurant is a recommended place for romantic couples. Burj Khalifa is the most crowded place during the 31st Night where you can view the best fireworks and LED shows.

Dubai Gold?

You can find the best Gold in Dubai. The highest quality for the best cheapest price is only available in Dubai. Visit the Gold souk where you have many shops and designs to make your eyes and hearts flatter. No one will cheat you here of fake Gold so feel free to select and buy. But try to bargain for the best price. You also have Dubai Gold Machines available in places like the Burj Khalifa, The Atlantis hotel and some prime locations and Malls in Dubai where you can try your luck for a souvenir Gold Bar.

Dubai Boat Ride?

Most tourists love this and want to experience. This is at the creekside near to the old city Dubai. It’s called the Abra. It’s a small wooden boat, which will cost you only 1 Dirham to cross from one location to another. The famous point is in Bur Dubai near Al Ghubaiba textile souk to go Deira. I took this to go to the gold souk and saved money instead of a taxi drive.


You have great hotels to choose from but try to visit the Burj al Arab or at least click some photos from outside. You can visit the Atlantis, The Palm and other hotels in the marina. Hotels are famous in Dubai for night clubs and you can find all hotels from 2 stars until 7 stars in Dubai as per your budget. Accommodation is never a worry in Dubai. Keep watching and for the best deals in Dubai.

Not to Miss Activities – Desert Safari & Dhow Cruise

A Dubai holiday is not complete without a desert safari and a dhow cruise dinner. Make sure you go for a desert safari; it’s really adventurous. The sand dunes, the desert atmosphere, dune bashing and belly dance are great. I experienced an evening desert safari which was really awesome. Please do not forget to ride a camel. There are also options for Quad bikes and overnight stays.

Dhow Cruise is like a wooden boat same as a floating restaurant. You can either cruise in the Marina or in the Dubai creek while enjoying a relaxed dinner as a couple, with your friends, family, and kids. These two activities are very much affordable too.

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Last Tip

Dubai has much more to offer additional to my list. It’s a never ending city filled with activities and surprises. I really encourage all of you to visit this city Dubai and I guarantee you that it will be worth and memorable than any of your holidays in the globe. Just one last tip; make sure you book the right tour operator for all your activities who can give you the unique feeling of Dubai.

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