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Dubai Travel Tips

Dubai travel tips

Our Destination experts through of writing a Dubai Travel Tips in terms of helping new travelers with some useful information. Our Guides and drivers usually experience new holiday comers do not have any much ideas and their travel companies do not advice them any thing in advance. In this blog I thought of giving some travel tips which will make your travel and holiday more meaningful in this wonderful city Dubai which located in the paradise of United Arab Emirates.

Dubai is a great city

Dubai is a great city known to be of luxury and a fun loving city. The skyscrapers in the city, the culture and the people of Dubai have made it today as one of the most popular destination in the world. Dubai is not only a place known for shopping but is known as the most wanted and highly in demand stopover point from global travelers and the number of flights arriving and departing from the Dubai Airports witness it all being the busiest airport in the world.

October to April is the best time to visit Dubai

This is the winter season period where you can enjoy the best of Dubai in an awesome climate. Usually the summer is quite hot in Dubai and travelling in the sun could be challenging if you are not used to it before. Yet all around the city air-conditioners are available so not much of a worry in summer too.

Hunt and book your flights at least 3 – 6 months in advance

Dubai is a very busy city and every minute thousands of tourists arrive to the city from all 5 terminals which include the Al Maktoum airport and the Sharjah airport too. Thus at the last moment finding flights might be difficult and the prices may be very high. An advantage of booking in advance is that you can get a very much cheaper rate and also may find some good offers and deals as most flights flying in and out of Dubai has some great packages to offer.

Book your hotel ahead of your travel date

Dubai is a packed city each and every day. In other countries and cities you can find an off peak period, but in Dubai the practical situation is “it is peak throughout the year”. Mainly between the months Octobers to April all hotels are usually of 100% full occupancy. So to avoid any disappointments select your hotel of your preference and book the best hotel so that your accommodation is ready and confirmed for a memorable stay.

Dress appropriately

As I always say Dubai gives much freedom to dress code than any city in the Middle East. So my only advice is for you to dress modesty as per the place you visit. Usually shorts, minis and sleeveless are fine for ladies to wear in Dubai, but make sure you do not wear it too short, transparent or showing much cleavage. Especially in places like mosques and some heritage areas, please be mindful of your dress code as you need to wear below the knees and cover your head with a scarf. But nightlife in clubs and beach parties allow you to be in the best of your fashion attire. Men are not advised to go without a shirt at any given time outside or enter mosques with shorts.

Clicking Photographs

All tourists love to capture their moments and Dubai is nothing without a camera. Take pictures of yourselves of any angle you want to. The only law is ask permission when you are taking pictures of other people especially of the local Emiratis, women no matter Muslim or other religions, public places and the Dubai Police Officials. Please do not take any photographs of airports, government institutions, its buildings and staff and wherever you see a notice stating that Photography is not allowed.

Be Careful of Alcohol consumption

Actually having alcohol in Dubai requires an alcohol license. You cannot buy alcohol from any superstore or any place selling alcohol without an alcohol license. But the practicality of Dubai is you can drink alcohol in bars, night clubs and beach parties. The only factor to be mindful is, please don’t cause any disturbance to others.

It’s a city which gives all freedom for tourists to enjoy alcohol making it legal to drink in certain locations as a guest, but at any given time Dubai will not tolerate public drinking, drunk in public, causing havoc and noise, fights and arguments and drink and drive. Please do not take remaining liquor from your restaurant or party back to your home as it is not allowed at all and also will not be encouraged by the staffs who serve you.

Giving Tips for staff in Dubai

Usually no worker in Dubai expects a tip like in other countries or cities. But as a courtesy and a token of thanks most people recommend tipping the individual who serves you. I am sure each and every person you meet will give you an extra ordinary level of service which will make you heart to tip him financially. Some places I advice to tip a small amount is in restaurants, bellman in hotels, beach staff, porters, and some others who help you during your stay in Dubai. Remember most of them in Dubai are expats employed here for their living and families back home. A smile and a thank you can make a difference too.

Travelling via a Taxi in Dubai

Taxis are the most wanted transport in Dubai. It’s relatively cheap and accessible around the city. All divers are very professional, friendly, English speaking and safe for passengers to travel as all taxis are monitored by the Dubai government and Dubai police. The main fact I want share here is that do not just give an address to a taxi driver and say to him to take you to this place or location. Keep in mind they are also expats who work here. Dubai is a city which develops roads everyday so an address will not make an identity easy. Please make sure you always share a nearby located landmark to the destination you want to visit. Keep a GPS handy at all times in your phone. I give this advice for you just to save the fare cost as if you give the right instruction you can reach on time and avoid going around the city.

Rules of Dubai Metro

Dubai Metro is one of the best public transport systems in the world and the best way to travel in Dubai. Most places are accessible via the metro and it’s cheap and faster. You also have the metro facility at the airport terminals which you may take if you do not have many luggages. A luggage area is also available in the Metro. Wheel chairs are also accessible in Dubai metro. The only rules are always seek assistance from a Dubai Metro staff before purchasing your ticket from the machine as the zones may be confusing and a wrong ticket may lead you to pay a fine in your final destination. I suggest buy the ticket from the ticket counter as the staffs are so helpful. Always tag in your ticket or card and make sure it’s checked-in. Make sure you do not go to the Gold Cabin in the train if you didn’t buy a gold ticket. It’s usually at the front or back. See the signage as it’s basically a luxury ticket where you need to pay more. Littering in stations and inside the train is not allowed. Men please do not go into the women or children only cabin at any given time in the train. Eating, drinking and chewing gum are strictly prohibited inside the Dubai metro. You have fine inspectors, the Dubai metro staff and CCTV monitored throughout all stations and inside Dubai Metro. Thus any rules broken may lead you to a serious fine from 200 to 5000 AED. Just be respectful in a city you are as a tourist and avoid small mistakes.

Stay Disciplined in Public

Dubai is a freedom city but it gives respect to the culture of Middle East. Dubai takes public disciplinary very serious and public displays of affection is considered as very offensive. Kissing in public, hugging, teasing others, offending people, being rude, inappropriate language, bad behavior and nudity are strictly a not to do in Dubai. Show love inside your room but not in public is my only advice to all of you.

Ramadan Period

Please make sure you always check your calendar before booking or travelling during Ramadan. As you know this is an Islamic month of fasting thus entertainment will not take place in Dubai for this 30 days period. All night clubs will be closed and tours will not have any acts like Belly dance performances. Music will not be encouraged during this season. The main point to note is that alcohol will be served only after sunset, but in-room dining will be serving in your hotel. Eating, drinking, smoking, chewing gum in public is not allowed until sunset. Most restaurants will open only after sunset and please dress modestly in this season as to give respect to the holy month and the people who fast. The good news is you can find the best rates to travel, stay and tour in Ramadan, Yet Ramadan is fun in Dubai and not a barrier.

These are some of the travel tips I wanted to share from my Dubai tour. It’s not really difficult. Just follow the basics and respect others are the only requirements Dubai evaluates you. So get ready now and plan your holiday to Dubai and enjoy the best of Amazing Dubai. Explore Dubai and Love Dubai.

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