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Eastern Mangroves Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi, the serene island that crowned as the capital of rich United Arab Emirates is absolutely a treasure land for plenty of reasons. Thus Abu Dhabi renewed for the reward of oil reservoirs still it impresses worldwide tourists through world class facilities for leisure and tourism.
Eastern mangroves Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi has been rewarded with Eastern Mangroves Abu Dhabi which is a dense mangrove forest area which is almost ¾rd of the mangrove cover in entire Country. This green cover contributes to balance the ecological systems while being as a hot spot for nature lovers.

abu dhabi eastern mangroves

Despite man-made miracles in Abu Dhabi, tourists love to enjoy the natural setting of Abu Dhabi. Mostly during the summer months, any water sports are happening at Abu Dhabi mangrove wetlands. Mangrove boat rides, as well as kayaking, are some of the top listed activities popular among the visitors.

Than ever before the mangrove bio-geographic system has been taken into account to preserve, after the initiatives of late UAE founding father in 2004. Also, Abu Dhabi Environmental Agency and international protocols such as Ramsar convention some of the preservative measures undertaken to protect the environment and make sure wise use out of it.

The Abu Dhabi mangrove forest is growing in the saline coastal line and the color of it is dark green.  The adoption to temperature variations and moisture of wetland has been impacted for the height if these forest cover to remain between 3 meters – 7 meters.

If you are interested about Abu Dhabi Mangrove, hope the below details will find useful for sure.

What is Eastern Mangroves Abu Dhabi?

When it comes to Abu Dhabi coastal greenery the first and most well-known forest area is the “Eastern Mangrove” which is the largest mangrove forest in UAE. It is located at the heart of fragile areas between Qasr Al Bahr lagoon and Mushayrib Island lagoon, covering Al Reem Island and Al Matar area.

abu dhabi eastern mangroves

Eastern mangrove is a biodiversity spot in Abu Dhabi. This mangrove forest cover spread over 8 km2 wetland. It provides shelter for many indigenous and exotic flora and fauna becoming a safe haven for breeding, protection eggs and living for water species such as fish, aquatic birds, and wildlife.

This is an ecological habitat that allows guests to witness the biodiversity of Abu Dhabi at mangrove ambiance. The gray mangrove which is scientifically denoted as “Avicennia Marina” is the most common mangrove plant type in the Eastern Mangroves.

Since there are a 5-stars hotel and a chance of experiencing water sports, there is an added value to visit the place. The fresh air and the shallow water is the best experience where tourists can explore the setting by a boat or on a Paddleboard.

Eastern Mngroves Abu Dhabi tides

Where is the Mangrove National park in Abu Dhabi?

Abu Dhabi Mangrove National Lagoon Park is situated in the same marshland of Eastern Mangrove. You can take the direction of Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Street to reach there. For the map click here.

What are the Advantages of Mangrove for Abu Dhabi natural environment?

Mangroves are a plantation grows mostly along the coastal or saline water. Specifically, Mangrove is doing a great job in many ways to balance the natural environment in Abu Dhabi. These trees are like a barrier to prevent soil erosion in the shoreline areas. Also, coastal currents or waves are not able to impact the land as Mangroves cover protects the island as a guardian.

The other advantages to the natural environment from the Mangrove Forests in Abu Dhabi are as follows:

  • Absorb and balance the Carbon and Nitrogen in the air and water
  • Reduce the effects of CO2 emissions from the vehicles and industries
  • Maintain the biodiversity with the ecosystems and provide shelter aquatic species such as  fish, sponges, crabs, shrimps, snappers, shells, turtles, and sea snakes
  • A habitat for birds and wildlife. Especially it’s a nest for the migrant birds who comes seasonally
  • An evidence for historical Abu Dhabi city and source for survival, fuel, and wood
  • Fertile are for 60 indigenous species for breeding

Why many guests search about Abu Dhabi Mangrove?

abu dhabi eastern mangroves

Mostly during the summer (April to September) both Abu Dhabi locals and foreigners loves to involve in actives near to water fronts and water basins. Beachside and mangrove area in Abu Dhabi always busy with jet ski, boat tours, fishing, swimming, sun bathing, kayaking, snorkeling, canoeing,  and  stand-up paddling.What are the challenges and threats for Abu Dhabi mangrove forests?


The mangrove forest is a natural resource. But it has challenges for the well being from both climatic changes and by the human. The drastically change in the humidity and the weather in Abu Dhabi impact on the survival of the mangrove forest thus it has adoptive capacity for certain extent. Al so, the rapid urbanization and the development of the city also affect the health of Mangroves fragile areas.

Why Eastern Mangroves by Anantara are more popular for water sports in Abu Dhabi?

Abu Dhabi Eastern Mangroves Hotel by Anantara is renowned for its five star category hospitality. This hotel is in the zone of Eastern Mangroves. Because of that people call the mangrove ambiance as an Eastern Mangroves Anantara. Mostly, water based sports such as Kayaking, Eco Boat, Mangroves Dhow Boat Tour, and SUP is starting at a location in front of Anantara Hotel Abu Dhabi.

This place is more publicize because of long creek, much to explore along the ride in this mangrove area. Nice vicinity and rich bio diversity also impresses the people to choose Anantara Eastern Mangroves to participate out door water sports.

Most importantly, the potential of easy access to the Abu Dhabi town center and Abu Dhabi ports (Abu Dhabi harbor and AUH international airport) attract the visitor to eastern mangrove for sightseeing and water sports.

What are the ideal months to enjoy Abu Dhabi mangrove sports?

From end of March till September the hot sunny season summer is prevailing in Abu Dhabi. But, at the same time you are free to enjoy the water sports during this season as tides are not high and water is shallow. Therefore it’s easy and safe during this time for the boat tours, beach tours and outdoor water sports in Abu Dhabi.

Where is Jannah Eastern Mangroves Suites located?

Jannah Eastern Mangroves Suites

Jannah Hotel in Eastern Mangrove is a popular tourist accommodation point in Abu Dhabi. The fact that it is with in zone of Mangrove forest, make it more specific. This hotel represents the theme of nature friendliness and relaxation together with range of suits, rooms and apartments for your selection.

The easy access to Abu Dhabi city and ports is a favorable reason for tourists to stay here. The serene eco-friendly environment of this hotel provides facilities of spa, dining and privacy.

Who can arrange mangroves kayaking tour for us in Abu Dhabi? What should I bring for kayaking tour?

Kayaking eastern mangrove

There is few most reviewed tour operators in Abu Dhabi are arranging Mangroves Kayaking Tour as well as other water based activities for guest requests. Since today’s travelers are wise to check everything in online, booking a water sports in Abu Dhabi is not that hard.

Abu Dhabi’s one of the leading online booking website, Adventure Emirates has provide most of the useful information to educate yourself and perform bookings for enthralling experience. Contact Adventure Emirates water sports and boat tours manager any time for your inquires.

Is Daily Abu Dhabi mangrove stand up paddling  available?

Yes, daily from 07:30 AM till 05:00 PM you can rent out the jet skis, paddle boards, kayaking boards, and involve in these amazing sports.

SUP Eastern Mangroves

How many guests can travel at a mangrove sightseeing in dhow tour?

The dhow is a small wooden dhow cruise which can accommodate 8 guests in total at a time.

What is the different between Mangrove Sightseeing Boat Tour and Sightseeing Mangrove Dhow Boat Tour?

Abu Dhabi Mangrove Dhow Boat Tour

The Mangrove Sightseeing Boat Tour and Mangrove Dhow Boat Tour are both happening in Abu Dhabi eastern mangroves area. The major difference between these two tours is the capacity of the boats and the type. The boat captain will accompany the guests during these voyage tours.

How safe kayaking in Abu Dhabi Mangrove?

It’s safe because it always have a guide to go with the guest inside the Mangroves, the guide is certified and fully trained especially for the first aid. Before you start to do kayaking the guide will give you an instructions and life jackets will be provided, for the beginner it would be helpful for you to get the tips from the instructor.

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