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Emirates Heritage Village Abu Dhabi

Herritage Village

Anyone with a strong liking of history will be really happy at the Abu Dhabi Heritage Village. Operated by the Emirates Heritage Club with the goal of educating locals, expats and tourists of the city’s heritage and its past, the attraction is a vibrant peek into the past of the colorful city.

There are many recreated scenes that depict the common activities of early Bedouin life. There is a recreated oasis village that is replicated down to the tiniest detail. You can observe the famous Bedouin tents made up of goat hair set up with campfires holding pots for tea brewing.

Bedouin Tent

You can even see a live demonstration of falconry that is the pride of Abu Dhabi where a falcon is used to catch live prey. Additionally, you can observe the exhibits that proudly display many traditional art forms like weaving, soap making, pottery and glass blowing. You can even head for a workshop where you can see a demonstration of the skill. If you are an animal lover then the magnificent Arabian horses, majestic camels and goats will please you.

Falcon Heritage Village

You should definitely stop by at the museum where you can view photos of Abu Dhabi before it became oil rich. Apart from that there are so many other showcases of jewellery, traditional weapons and holy Qurans which were crucial items back in the day. If you like to have your hands painted with henna, the stalls will definitely satisfy you. You can even grab a unique Abu Dhabi souvenir at the little spice shop. Anything like silver jewelry, traditional clothes, dried herbs or handmade soap are available.

Herritage Village

If you have worked up an appetite then definitely visit the on-site Arabic restaurant to grab a dish of delicious Arabic salad or a chilled drink to beat the heat.


Just a 10 minute walk away from Abu Dhabi’s Marina Mall is the Heritage Village that stands guard in the breakwater promenade and offers its visitors a glimpse of the sea. The village overlooks the Abu Dhabi beach and the Emirates Palace.

Opening Hours

The Emirates Heritage Village Abu Dhabi is open for visitors from 09:00 AM to 04:00 PM every Saturday to Thursday. Every Friday their operational hours are from 03:30 PM to 09:00 PM.

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