Who are Emiratis? How they became world famous? What kind of luxury life they have ? What is the specialty on them? Answers for your ALL questions about UAE locals are here!

Who an “Emirati’ is?

A person who has privileged citizenship in UAE from origin to a local parent/Parents by birth or through marriage to a native Emirati man or woman in United Arab Emirates.

In simple:

“Local Emirati” are the native habitats  of Dubai , Abu Dhabi , Sharjah and Other emirates states such as Umm Al Quwain, Fujairah , Ras Al Khaimah  and Ajman 

How they got the name ?

This term derived from its region name “Emirates” which was rule by an Emir. Emirati meaning in English is the citizen under  the commander called Emir.

How they became a strong nation?

The ancestors of local Emiratis were fishermen and Pearlers. Their families lived near the vast desert in camps and thatched houses long the coast enjoy a simple life style.

The unity among the Emirati community has been improved strongly from past as they had a very hard life in desert, especially during the sunny season that took place more than half of the year.

The culture and the customs of this people made a Families and men used to eat in one big plate sharing food together, Men prayed together strengthening the community.


The attention of the world  turn towards Abu Dhabi around 1950‘s with the discovery of Oil.


the British influence was dominated at that time.

After the independence from British, Emirati people realize the importance of being together as strong community.

So ,

The rulers of 6 emirate states initiated to combine the political territories as one country.

This has given them more confidence  stand in-front of world.

As a Result,

Six states of Emirate has join together on December, 1971 as one country; United Arab Emirates.


In February,1972 another Emirate (Ras Al Khaimah) joined officially to UAE territory.

Who make Emirati’s life better?

We could say he is the main reason behind Present Emirati who they are today!He is Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nayan

He was more than a father to Emirati people as his visionary thinking brought UAE to this far…


He is one of the rare great leaders that drastically changed the life of people life to bed of roses!

How to recognize ‘Emirati’ from other nationals?


The elegant white colour cloak (Kandura) with the white scarf (Ghafiyah) and the top black head dress (Igal) is the main identification for the Emiratis.

Ladies wear the commonly Black cloak (Abaya)  , A unique face mask(Barqa), Hair cover (Shallah)


You can separate them from the other Middle Eastern people also their own slang; Emirati Arabic

Are All Emirati’s Rich?

This is the most commonly asked question about Emiratis by other nationals. When compared to other countries ‘YES’ all of them are rich.

It is recorded, 12% of UAE Population are local Emiratis by 2017

The income distribution of the local nationals also have disparities thus, some professions has higher salary level than the other.

However, the local Emirati’s are rewarded with the UAE welfare benefits in-terms of :

  • health
  • housing
  • education
  • safety

It was noticed, both in Government agencies and Private Agencies of UAE by the low and priority is given to UAE nationals.

Though, Foreign population in UAE is working all over the country despite of government and private agencies , the Emirati youth has given opportunity get training from other nations.

At the same time, the job hierarchy on companies , Emirati nationals has given more opportunities.

Many of them now has a trend of get into business with other nationals while keeping 51% partnership for them in LLC companies.

Do Emirati work?

By the way,

Same like any other countries in the world the efficiency and talent is different from one UAE local to local.

The enthusiasm, creativity , knowledge and ability can be vary compared to expatriates.


They all are working unless they are in serious illness or retired age.

We could say 70% UAE nationals under 21- 70 years are in the workforce.

Perhaps ,

Some UAE citizens might work  as a hobby on their favorite fields but not really for money.


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