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Expo 2020 Dubai UAE

Expo 2020 Dubai

Expo 2020 Dubai UAE ,is the topic entire globe talking about and a positive viral fever in UAE with heaps of expectations in Dubai. Though most of them talk and promote and are waiting the surprises of Dubai 2020 World Expo, actually none know what is this all about or what it really means. So in this blog I thought of trying to educate everyone in a simple form of understanding.

What is EXPO?

EXPO means Exposition, Large-scale public exhibition in other terms known to be the Universal scale Registered Exposition.

World Expos act as a key meeting point for the global community world to share innovations and discuss and progress on issues of international importance of the global economy, sustainable development and improve the quality of life for the world’s population.

This is held every 5 years attracting millions of global visitors to the host city to explore and discover exhibitions, pavilions, cultural events presented by hundreds and thousands of participants from all businesses, all nations and all international organisations around the world. It’s a channel for economic, cultural and social transformations and generates important heritage

Expo 2020 Dubai UAE

History of EXPO

The Great exhibition was first held in London in 1851 inaugurating World EXPO as a brand event of the world to aim in strengthening its connections, celebrating cultural diversification and grace at its technological innovations. Millions of people witnessed this at the Crystal Palace London and saw how a world made by science and technology would look like.

For over a century and a half, the World EXPOs have fastened innovation, education and international co-operation. It’s well known for their iconic designs with each one the expression of a clearly defined Expo Theme. They are the promise of a Brighter Future.

Some successful past Hosts of EXPO

  • 1851: London – The first World EXPO
  • 1958: Brussels – The Grandeur
  • 2010: Shanghai – Resulted in a transformation of a heavily industrial city-center area into a successful cultural and commercial district while giving the attention to 73 million people via a theme of “Better City, Better Life”
  • 2015: Milan, Italy – Showcased in the theme of “Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life”

Dubai EXPO 2020

This is a festival of human resourcefulness with originality, creativity and skills. EXPO Dubai will showcase and explore the magic when new ideas and people connect together with collaborations and partnerships which become as the driving force for all the new developments. The event will be from 20th October 2020 to 10th April 2021 bringing together more than 200 nations and 25 million visitors

Dubai 2020 World EXPO Theme

Every World Expo held holds a theme of “Universal concern to all of Humanity”. The theme of EXPO 2020 Dubai UAE carries the mission statement “Connecting Minds, Creating the Future” delivering the message that collaboration across nations, regions and cultures is the only way to generate sustainable solutions to the global problems. Thus all the visitors and participants in Dubai EXPO will feel an exploration of developing ideas and innovations for a better future by connecting, forming and collaborating new partnerships.

Dubai 2020 World EXPO Theme

EXPO 2020 Dubai UAE – The Event Journey

  • An Unforgettable Experience:- EXPO 2020 Dubai UAE will be a once in a lifetime experience via a greatest show on earth of the very latest in technology and thinking with a spectacular architecture, global cultures, provoking exhibitions and taste of food from every corner of the world, all at one place, in one time.
  • An EXPO for Lifetime for Everyone: – EXPO 2020 Dubai UAE will not just stick only to a physical location or a period. It started from Day one of proposing the bid with inputs from many to nourishing this process forever even after the event. People will come together to create a platform of creativity, innovation and global partnership with stretches beyond the event itself.

Dubai EXPO 2020 Projects, Key Facts and Prospects

  • The Largest population of visitors in World EXPO history is expected in EXPO Dubai 2020.
  • Almost 70 % – 75% visitors are expected from outside the United Arab Emirates
  • Over 200 to 250 participants of nations, organizations, multinationals, corporates, and educational institutions to create and deliver a world class global EXPO beyond boundaries.
  • Around 35,000 Volunteers from various nationalities, ages, cultures and backgrounds to host a determined and grand voluntary programme.
  • More than 500 global leaders and senior international representatives will attend this International Exhibition meeting Dubai EXPO 2020
  • The Job Market – Increase in the building developments and appropriate infra-structure will boom the job market. EXPO 2020 Dubai UAE will create many jobs in the tourism sector and great opportunities and vacancies via all projects and industries Dubai EXPO 2020 is involved with. Currently projected over 300,000 jobs and around 45% of it in the travel and tourism field.
  • The Government services in Dubai score 89% with a continuous drive for more.
  • A mission towards Happy Dubai!
  • IMF anticipates GDP growth by 2020
  • EXPO 2020 Dubai UAE will witness the world’s largest solar project
  • Encourages and results in a boom in real estate

EXPO 2020 Location 

Closer to 3 international airports from Dubai International Airport, Abu Dhabi International Airport and Al Maktoum International Airport which connects to over 300 global destinations everyday is the location site which will become Dubai Expo 2020.

The Dubai Expo 2020 pavilion site covers a total of 4.38 square kilometres (438-hectare) approximately around 15,000 square meters, which includes a 200 hectare gated area. It is located within the Dubai South District, adjacent to the Al Maktoum International Airport. It’s a treat of land in Jebel Ali under development and later to be reconfigured after the event as a research facility, a university, museum and conference facility dedicated to further exploring the EXPO theme and ideas

EXPO 2020 Dubai UAE will have a dedicated transport network for its participants and visitors. It is a perfect crossroad for EXPO.

EXPO 2020 Location

The Venue – The Master Project of EXPO 2020 Dubai UAE

Architect Santiago Calatrava’s design is the UAE Pavilion for Dubai World Expo 2020. This vision of innovation through collaboration is explored in 3 sub themes, each with its own dedicated zone.

  • Opportunity
  • Mobility
  • Sustainability

At the heart of the site is a plaza called “Al Wasl” which is the Old Arabic name for Dubai meaning the connection. At the edge of this plaza is the innovation pavilion which is an entire new pavilion concept that is designed to intensify all levels of EXPO engagement with presentations, discussions, and an evolving exhibition created jointly by participants, visitors, leaders and invitees. It is a place where projects are created and where themes and ideas converge and evolve.

Larger pavilions of all themes will be towards the borders and smaller clusters spread across the centre will enable and encourage the pedestrians flow across the site ensuring all pavilions have a dynamic presence in the heart of the EXPO 2020 Dubai UAE. It is a design inspired by the traditional Arabic souks. This will be a place with vibrancy and opportunities to form partnership across all the nations as well as private and public sectors. It is just one of the ways the Expo themes are woven into the fabric of the design.

The theme of Mobility is reflected in a state of the art computer controlled logistics system. Fully automated underground rail tube system will be connecting all the major pavilions and support facilities of Dubai EXPO 2020 which enables invisible servicing during opening hours

The Principle of sustainability is not only found in the Dubai EXPO 2020 zero emission expo fleet but also in the plan for enduring and legacy. To experience the Dubai EXPO’s commitments towards sustainability all visitors have to do is just look up. The iconic stage structure that covers as the roof is made up of photovoltaic type fabric and part of the plan is to generate at least 50% of the Dubai EXPO 2020’s power on site. When night falls the canvas becomes a vast spectacular with digital projections. This will give all audience a breathtaking night times shows of the ambience, never seen before lightings with united dazzling shared experiences.

Year 2021 – The Future

With a myth point of EXPO Dubai marking the beginning of the United Arab Emirates Golden Jubilee of 2021, it will unfold against the national backdrop of celebration, hope and optimism.Beneath the clear desert sky Dubai Expo 2020 will honor the traditions of the past and be a beacon for the future.

Expo 2020 Dubai UAE - Dubai 2021 Plan

Message from His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum

Dubai Expo 2020 reveals the power of Connected Thinking as the best hope for a successful and peaceful existence in the generations to come.

Our Wishes

Let us all join together and wish all the best of success for EXPO 2020 Dubai UAE and celebrate it as the biggest and largest events in the history of World EXPO with very attractive innovations, creative events and team co-ordination. We are Proud to Host EXPO 2020 Dubai UAE

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