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Free Things to do in Dubai

Free Things to do in Dubai

Looking for Free Things to do in Dubai ? Usually the frequent free activities which are widely spoken in Dubai are to see the views and take some memorable photos with the most famous Burj Khalifa, Atlantis hotel and the Burj al Arab. Apart from the above there are few others I would like to share with you which I was able to enjoy for free. Some places cost around less than a dollar thus under my account less than a dollar means it’s free. (Not totally free but equal to free for any international tourist or global traveller)

Dubai Marina Walk

This is a great place to visit. An area with full of skyscrapers, luxury, street dance, activities, lights and multi diversifies people. The marina walk via the canal is a must visit place. You can also spend some time in the beach while there are also restaurants and bars to serve you. The best location for you to see a bunch of yachts parked all over the canal. This area is active and live throughout the day.

Relax on the Beach

The best beach is the beach area in Jumeirah road facing the view of the Burj al Arab. It’s well maintained and a great place to relax and enjoy the sun and have a sea dip. Changing cubicles and showers are available too.

Enjoy the Malls

Visiting malls is a prime activity for all residents and tourists in Dubai. Malls in Dubai are not only for shopping but also for food corners, activities and for a joyful mode for your eyes. All malls are usually connected to the Dubai metro and easy to access. They are open from 10am till 10pm. Some of the malls I visited were Dubai Mall, Mall of the Emirates, Marina Mall, Deira City Centre, Ibn Battuta mall, Dragon mall at International city and the Wafi mall. I basically loved the air conditioning temperature.

Dubai Museum and Al Fahidi Court

This actually costs only 3 AED. So likewise I said it’s less than a dollar. The museum will cover you the entire history of Dubai and the Al Fahidi fort will give you the feel of heritage. A place visited by most tourists for culture. You can spend at least a valuable one hour here.

Historic Bastakiya

Next to the Al Fahidi museum, you can walk down the Bastakiya area. This is a neighbourhood with the old styled buildings. A heritage value still kept even in the modern society. You can find some souvenirs and local clothing here. Try some small shops for snacks, coffee or tea which is also less than a dollar or two.

Textile Souk

While walking down the Bastakiya you can find the textile souk with an arena of small shops selling some nice clothing. A cheap place to find something you wish to buy. Walk through this area so that you can see this while going to your next thing to do which is the Abra ride.

Abra boat Ride

A never to be missed activity in Dubai. It costs only 1 AED, so it’s nothing big. You can travel via the canal in this wooden motor boat taxi which will transport around 20 people from one end to the other. A relaxing and cheap boat ride. A journey I always love to do in Dubai.

Gold Souk and Spice Souk

The Abra boat will bring you here. The Dubai gold souk and spice souk is a best place to wander. You can find all types of spices in the world here and can experience the local culture. Look for some of the best Gold Designs and may be if you love it then grab it. This is the only place you can find the highest quality of gold for the best price. Most tourists visit here to see the people gathering and to take some photographs of the culture and old Dubai.

Dubai Fountain Show

If ever you want to visit and see some fun loving things to do during the evening or night, then the Dubai Fountain show will amaze you. It’s in front of the Burj Khalifa and Dubai mall thus enjoy the water dancing for free which is almost magnificent than the Las Vegas. Downtown at night is very beautiful covered with lights. So a walk around is great here.

My Special – Deira Fish Market

I am usually a tourist who explores like a resident and also have some colleagues and friends who work in Dubai city. I always go to see what’s fishy here. You can find some of the best fishes and sea food here for you to cook. But keep in mind that carrying fish is not allowed in Dubai Metro. Even if you don’t buy, no worries, it is really an interesting place to visit just like having fun at the Manhattan Fish market. Same but something different here.

So my dear friends and visitors, who enter Dubai on a daily basis, please make sure you enjoy and explore these activities which don’t cost you anything. May be you always known Dubai to be expensive, but there are some free stuff like the above too.

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