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Global Village Dubai Rides

Global Village Dubai Rides

The weather in Dubai during the winter months is pleasant and the best way to enjoy it is by trying out the Global Village Dubai Rides. This seasonal attraction operates from November to April allowing its visitors to enjoy cultural shows, bargain shopping and rides with views of the surrounding fun-fest. A day is not enough to explore the entire Global Village. Whether you are travelling alone, with friends or family, read this blog to get an idea of the attractions and rides in Global Village so you can plan your trip depending on what you and your travel companions like.


1. Pavilions

With each pavilion being allocated for a specific country or two, Global Village has 32 pavilions representing about 70 countries. Each Pavilion is decorated with architectural copies representative of the country it is allocated for.

i. UAE Pavilion: Feel the Emirati hospitality with incense burners and perfume shops selling wonderful fragrance.

ii. KSA Pavilion: Taste the dates and ponder over which honey to choose from the 15 types being sold.

iii. Iraq Pavilion: Unique silverware, painted pictures, blowing glass and so many other creations in this Ishtar Gate inspired pavilion.

iv. Yemen Pavilion: Depicting old bazaars of the country, you can admire their national costumes and the Yemini Dagger all decorated in gems and silver.

v. Lebanon Pavilion: Enjoy an energetic show of Dabkeh and a selection of locally manufactured shoes.

vi. Syria Pavilion: Retelling the development of Islamic architecture and selling homemade cotton wear and calligraphic art pieces, you will surely find something to decorate your home with.

vii. Bahrain Pavilion: Shop from a mouthwatering selection of Bahraini sweets and clothes. Satisfy your sweet tooth here.

viii. Qatar Pavilion: Qatari Abayas, intricate jewellery and mementos showing off their rich culture and heritage. You won’t be able to take your eyes away.

ix. Iran Pavilion: Saffron, Pistachios, Almonds and of course Persian carpets are all showcased waiting for you to choose.

x. Kuwait Pavilion: Sample the warm scents of incense and oil perfumes which are a part of Kuwaiti culture.

xi. Palestine Pavilion: Shop from cultural Abayas, gorgeous handicrafts and pure olive oil.

xii. China Pavilion: Choose from a selection of fresh-pond pearls and enjoy cultural shows.

xiii. Philippines Pavilion: Beautify your home with décor made of straw or unique coral chandeliers that are handmade from this pavilion.

xiv. Malaysia & Singapore Pavilion: Authentic Malaysian Oud, accessories, handbags and culinary delicacies are abundant.

xv. Thailand Pavilion: Dried fruits of different colors, massage shops and glittering accessories all recreate the feel of the city.

Find out more about the other pavilions; Japan, Indonesia, Spain, Turkey, Italy, Russia, France/Germany/UK, Egypt, Tunisia, Africa, Morocco, America, Pakistan, Afghanistan and India, by visiting them in Global Village.

Special Attractions

a. Haunted House

Go through a scary maze filled with horrific objects that will give you the chills.

b. Heritage Village

Get to know more about the Bedouins and their lifestyle. From how they lived to their modes of transportation, find out all.

c. Underworld & Shark Attack

Witness the creatures that inhibited the seas 200 million years ago with modern 3D technology.

d. Submarine

Get closer to the creatures of the sea with this simulated attraction that will take you to the depths of the underwater world.

e. Mini Train

This train rides takes its tiny visitors for a tour around the Global Village allowing them a good view of what the place has to offer.

f. Cultural Arena

This is the place to be if you love watching cultural performances from different parts of the world. Famous singers also perform in these stages.

Apart from all of these, visitors can ride the Ferris wheel offering beautiful aerial views of the village, the Loop fighter which is a thrill ride and Crazy Golf for little kiddies. You will always be surprised at Global Village.

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