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Guide to Book Abu Dhabi Evening Desert Safari

Abu Dhabi Desert

Guide to Book Abu Dhabi Evening Desert Safari – A Glimpse Into The Sands of Time 

Six hours seem like a lot of time to be spending in the middle of a sea of sand. ‘What is there to do?’, ‘Isn’t it just going to be us looking at miles of sand?’ or any other questions of a similar tone might pop into your mind. But let your imagination and our advice get the better of you and go on an Abu Dhabi Evening Desert Safari. Also checkout our recent article about ultimate things to do in Abu Dhabi

You must be wondering why this is mandatory. The answer to the question is simple; it will make you see the desert in a whole new light, physically and mentally. If you didn’t understand me, read on and you will. Firstly, the reason why desert safaris are a popular activity in Abu Dhabi is because of their close bond with the desert. The city was once a desert settlement after all.

One of the main selling points of the Evening desert safari is the mind-blowing desert sunset views. It might be a regular phenomenon that you witness almost every day, but the sheer beauty and serenity of the view from the desert will pull at your heart strings.

From atop the dune, your view will be undisturbed and the unpolluted sky is the perfect mirror to reflect and magnify the rosy hues of the sunset. You might even spot some darkened trails of rabbits and other wildlife before the wind covers it up, clearing the sand for its night visitors.

Desert Safari

You will definitely fall in love with the colors of the sky, I did! It’s surprising how just a change in landscape can transform a regular phenomenon into something hypnotizing. Soul refreshed, you can continue with the many other activities the Abu Dhabi Evening Desert Safari offers you.

Upon reaching the relaxing area in the camp, styled like a majlis with floor cushions and hand-loomed carpets, the scent of Arabic Coffee will tantalize your nose. The smell of steaming Arabic Coffee is welcoming. Known as ‘Ghawa’ by the Bedouins, it is a unique drink made of coffee beans and is served with dates. Serving the two together has been a tradition of Bedouin hospitality and is still followed in all homes of the United Arab Emirates.

The combination of Ghawa and dates is heavenly and will bring your energy levels back up. The other form of Emirati entertainment that is world famous is belly dancing. The professional dancers move their hips and belly in sync with the Arabic music, the beats of which will make you want to dance. The performance is mesmerizing and beguiling.

Belly Dance

The other activity that sealed the deal for me was the stargazing. It is not possible to view the stars in the city sky because of the light pollution and all the buildings that get in the way. In the desert, the only barrier between you and the sky is the horizon. The clear sky and the twinkling stars will transport your thoughts to a whole new world.


The sands of time may change, particles of sand might move from one place to another without us noticing. Time may take its toll on us, but the desert will always remain its true self; barrenly thriving, serene and hypnotizing. Anyone who has visited the desert will never leave its territory without changing their hearts to love the mysterious land, that’s exactly what the Abu Dhabi Evening desert safari encourages.

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