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How Expensive is Dubai For Tourists

How Expensive is Dubai For Tourists

Dubai is all about luxury and when it comes to travelling to Dubai then the first line in the agenda is Money. Dubai is a city which grew up in a very short spam and is today known as one of the fastest growing cities in the world. On a daily our reservation team answer with the same question in a different ways, how expensive is dubai for tourists ? So I thought of writing an article that make some points clear. Yes indeed dubai is one of the expensive destination, Dubai and New York top the list.  But normal budget tourist or even a resident here can experience and enjoy like a Local UAE Emirati. My message in this blog is to pass to all international travellers and tourist that a similar budget same as if you would visit another country for a holiday is very much enough in Dubai city too which will make you feel blown away and memorable.

Some of the facts every tourist, no matter travelling in groups or in singles will look into the following pillars to make their vacation the best. The feasibility is all about a budget in a travel journey.

  • Visa
  • Luggage Storage
  • Accommodation
  • Food
  • Transport
  • Luxurious Places, Tours and activities

Also Dubai is known as a best stopover destination, where Emirates connects west and east continent and Emirates very famous  in the international arena. Dubai being the busiest airport and the world’s best airport, caters thousands of passengers every minute. The above 6 categories play a big role in the reason behind the success of Dubai as a stopover destination which ensures that Dubai can be explored at its best in a short duration with the minimal budget


Europeans, British, Americans and most developed countries do not need a visa to enter Dubai. You can get the visa on arrival depending whether you want to spend few hours or few days in the city. This could easily be done at the airport which requires no much procedures or time. Thus most tourists feel this as one of the biggest plus points than any other destination in the world and the best in the Middle East. You can get a free visa for 14-30 days and your only expense is your flight tickets, but if you are on a stopover then lucky you as Dubai is freely welcoming you. Asians, Africans and other nationalities can get a visit visa from their country with no much formality. If you are able to afford your entry permit then Dubai is all yours. Usually a 14 day visa is around 330 AED while the 30 days ranges from 360 AED and the 90 days visa from 1030 AED. The prices may be higher depending on the situation, country and the background.

Luggage Storage

This is a key problem to most of the global stop over tourists when deciding on a location. Some countries like Singapore offer storage at the airport but is quite expensive. Dubai makes every tourist smile and luggage storage brings in more smile adding fun to stopover tourists and also the travellers entering the city. Don’t worry of carrying your luggage into the city and feeling uncomfortable. You can store it from ranging between 20 AED to 30 AED for 12 hours at the airport itself which is very cheaper. Safety and security doesn’t need to be worried at all in Dubai. Meanwhile hotels and malls too offer free luggage storage facilities for their guests and visitors enjoying their premises and activities.

Additional to this I just wanted to enhance, is that Dubai never discriminates any physical challenges you face. They have wheelchair access in airports, malls and even the metro of Dubai. You can even rent a wheelchair free of charge depending on the availability. So everyone is free to explore the city without any barriers.


When its Dubai tourist’s first impression is that all hotels are Luxury thus it is going to cost them more and make the holiday expensive. While you have luxury the 7 star and many other the 5 stars you also have quite a number of good hotels in 4 stars and 3 stars range. They are quite cheap and offer standard quality service as Dubai Tourism authority maintains and monitors the standards of each hotel. Meanwhile there are many hotel booking sites like Agoda, and many others which gives you some of the best promotions, prices and last minute deals. You also have hotels which welcome walk-in stay guests at the best price for the day. Adding on to this is free wifi. Thus accommodation is never a concern in Dubai.


Like I always say in my other blogs, food is never of a worry in Dubai. It’s a food ocean where you can find all dishes belonging to all cuisines from all countries enjoyed by each and every nationality. From luxury restaurants, to normal food spots to street food are available in Dubai. All are very hygienic and safe in means of health as Dubai Authorities monitor strictly on health and safety of food. Prices are very cheap ranging from a burger starting from 7 AED to 20 AED for a normal dish. You also have buffets available from 75 AED onwards till 200 AED. Cappuccino like in Tim Hortons and Starbucks can be enjoyed for less than 20 AED to 25 AED cheaper than those in the western countries. Vegetable salads add on to this list. Approximately if you see on an average to enjoy 3 good standard meals 50 – 75 AED is sufficient for a normal person. This quote is not based on luxury but an economic budget just as a resident.


Transportation is one of the biggest successful achievements for Dubai, starting from their highways to Dubai Taxis, Dubai Metro and Now Tram and water taxi. Transportation is cheaper compared to other countries as Dubai offers it with class and luxury. You will never regret for the money you pay. Dubai metro is accessible from the airport terminal where you can basically buy a day pass for 25 AED and travel unlimited until 12 midnight that same day any number of times in metro, bus and tram. One way usually is around 8 AED but depends on the zones. Best is going to the ticket counter and buy it from the staff. I do not recommend the machines unless you are a resident who knows the zonal system. It’s a bit confusing at times. Thus day ticket is the best recommendation. Buses are quite comfortable like in UK and of course everywhere it’s air conditioned. Don’t miss the tram too and have some fun at Jumeirah Beach. In case you want to see the Atlantis hotel as of the photo views you can take the Monorail where one way is 15 AED and both ways 25 AED. Also in Bur Dubai you have the Abra small boat crossing for 1 AED. Make sure you take that too and enjoy some cheap bargaining shopping on the other side of Deira Dubai. Meanwhile you also have the friendly taxi drivers where you can travel with no fear having full security even if you are a lady alone at night. Taxis are quite reasonable with a minimum fare of 4 AED. It’s really cheap when I compared to my other transportation expenses I had in other cities around the world during my holidays. All destinations and hub spots are accessible usually by metro.

Luxurious Places, Tours and activities

Luxury has no discrimination in Dubai. If you have around 500 AED (136 USD) you can even fly in a helicopter or even play golf. At the same time all luxury skyscrapers and buildings can be enjoyed from outside and in case you have a reservation in a restaurant in a five star hotel then you can get the best of the hotel too. Burj Khalifa, Burj Al Arab and the Dubai Marina are some places of luxury in your Itinerary. You can view it from outside; meanwhile if you are ready to spend around 200 AED you can go to the top of Burj Khalifa. Marina can be explored via a walk or dining in a restaurant. The Jumeirah beach hotel also known as the wave building too can be explored with a dining around 250 AED per person. Souk Madinat is best for shopping at luxury and the Deira, Bur Dubai and Karama are available for cheap shopping. If you really have the urge to go inside Burj al Arab don’t waste your money booking a room. Best option is go for the afternoon tea at the skyview bar located at the top most floor of Burj al Arab. It offers good quality food and an awesome mind blowing view of the city while at the same time you can have a view of the hotel lobby. Make sure you have a booking and you go in formals or smart casuals. It will cost between 450 – 500 AED, but is really worth it once in a lifetime to be inside a seven star hotel.

Please don’t miss the beaches in Dubai which is free and in some places maximum you will pay is only 10 to 15 AED for entrance. Malls are there for you throughout the day not only to shop but also for some best selfies. Dubai Fountain show is not to be missed and it’s free while you can tour the Dubai Mall and its Aquarium which is the largest in the world. Make sure if you have time like around more than 6 hours you enjoy a desert safari which will give you a memorable holiday to cherish costing around 200 AED. Dhow Cruise is available for around 150 – 200 AED and is best for families and children. You can even find cheaper to the rates I quoted as there are many promotions everyday in the city as well as in online. Historic places like Heritage Village is also there for your views. You can enjoy the Atlantis water park if you have time for less than 300 AED. Nightlife is favourite for many in Dubai. Make sure to dress up well and enter one. Usually couples and ladies enter for Free and if a single man need to pay an entrance fee but depends on the club whether they will welcome. But most places for 100 AED entrance can be enjoyed. Tours, activities and luxury will not be missed and you can get the best if you have selected a wonderful tour operator and the tour manager over there can give you the best advice.

As per my experience and many of my friends and colleagues who visit Dubai frequently. 1000 AED 270 USD per day is more than enough to get the best luxury, actually it’s lesser if you go for the basics. Usually if you are on a stop over it will be only around 650 AED to 750 AED – 175 USD and if booked a quick stop-over tour, it will be cheaper amounting to 500 AED – 136 USD. Thus if anyone has had the wrong attitude that Dubai is expensive, I think it’s high time to change it and please visit this amazing mind blowing away destination city Dubai at least once in a lifetime as it is the only city where even a normal tourist can enjoy luxury at an affordable price meeting all nationalities in the globe under one ocean Dubai in the soil of United Arab Emirate

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