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Jazirah Aviation Club

At least once in your life you must have witnessed birds flying in the sky and thought to yourself how exciting it would be if we had wings too. It’s never possible to get your own pair of wings (who knows if technology will make that possible too in the future) but you can definitely learn how to fly an aircraft. Travelling in planes is definitely fun, but have you been curious to know what happens behind the scenes in the cockpit. What if we tell you there’s a way to find out?
Jazirah Aviation Club

Ras Al Khaimah Jazirah Aviation Club – Amazing flying club in Ras Al Khaima

Al Jazirah Aviation Club offers both locals and foreigners a chance to get hands-on experience in flying an aircraft. If you are interested in flying and want to take it to the next step, keep reading this blog.

The Ras Al Khaimah Flying Experience

An enthusiastic and promising initiative by the Jazirah Aviation Club to get the Emirate of Ras Al Khaimah in the tourist map is succeeding. Opening possibilities to locals, tourists and expatriates, the club exposes the individual to the beauty of Ras Al Khaimah while also giving them a close-up demonstration on piloting.

Flying in a plane might be a mainstream activity but it will never feel the same after the exciting microlight Ras Al Khaimah experience. Al jazirah flying club gives you the chance to experience everything that happens in the cockpit, right beside the pilot. The aircraft used will be microlight flight which is a lightweight two seater.

Whether you are a piloting student and want to broaden your horizons or simply love the thrill of flying, as long as you are above 7 years of age, you are good to go.

While in the sky guests can see the controls that are required for every manoeuvre while admiring the Emirate of Ras al khaimah unfolding beneath their eyes. From the warm hued of the beach and desert to the blues of the pristine Ocean, the lush green shades of foliage to the sprinkling of multi coloured buildings.

The view from thousand metres above will intrigue you.If you prefer you can also get some lessons on piloting the microlight from the experienced pilot who will be flying the plane. Since it will just be the pilot and you, any questions will be clearly answered. Maybe this is the beginning of your new fulfilling hobby.

What is the duration of this microlight experience?

The duration depends on your preference. You can choose to be up in the air for as little as 10 minutes and go up to an entire hour (60 minutes).

Is the price for the microlight flying package the same even if the duration of flight changes?

No, the price will change as it is dependant on the duration of the flight.

Who can opt for the microlight flying experience?

Anyone above the age of 7 is welcome. Individuals of any nationality, gender or profession can enjoy this tour.

What is the jazirah aviation club price for microlighting?

The price per experience might differ depending on the number of minutes that are spent in the air. Packages start from AED 350. (Book microflight Experince)

Do I have to be a member of the aviation club to experience the microlighting in Ras Al Khaimah experience?

No, this is open to the public. Individuals who are not members can also book the experience.

Where you can find Jazirah Aviation Club?

Now that you have made up your mind, let us find out the location of your upcoming flying adventures. Established in 1996 by royalty, the Al Jazirah Aviation Club is located near RAK Research and Innovation Center

Apart from having 2 runways, the flying club also boasts views of the sea as it is near the coast. Being approved by the General Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA), it is the first club in the UAE to offer microlighting and LSA (Light Sport Aircraft) flying for recreation. The club consists of more than 400 members, out of which 70 are licensed pilots. This non-profit institution constituting almost 60 percent of Emiratis offer individuals with an opportunity to enjoy this thrilling activity. All experiences are vonducted by authorized pilot members of the club. The air fleet owned by the club include microlight planes, paramotors, gyrocopters and powered parachutes.

Ras Al Khaimah Flying School Training

If you have tried the Ras Al Khaima flying experience andloved it, this is the right activity for you. Al Jazirah flying club makes it easy for their guests to learn piloting. Being one of the first flying clubs in UAE to initiate microlight flight training, enthusiasts can benefit from many of the club’s facilities.

The certificates handed over to individuals who completed training are recognized around the world. Individuals can opt for any of the following certificates.

  1. Student Pilot

This certificate makes you eligible for flying an airplane without any supervision. This does not make you eligible to transport passengers unless you have a commercial or private pilot certificate.

  1. Commercial Pilot

If you are aiming for a career in aviation, especially flying planes to make money, this is the course you should take.

  1. Private Pilot

This certificate permits you to fly private planes.

  1. Airline Transport Pilot

This is a step up for commercial pilots. The course can be started individually or done after the commercial pilot course. This makes you eligible to obtain a piloting job in any of the top airliners.

  1. Recreational Pilot

This is for the flying enthusiasts who like to go for an occasional tour around their airspace. If you enjoy flying as a hobby this certificate is helpful for you.

  1. Sport Pilot

The sport pilot certificate makes flyng affordable and less time consuming. This certificate doesnt permit you to fly at night, transport more than one passenger or buiness-relatrd flying. Sport pilots should also stick within a 10,000 feet altitude.


Gone are the days when only pilots can enjoy the breathtaking high-altitude views from the sky. Ras Al Khaimah’s Al Jazirah Aviation club has opened its doors for everyone to witness the beauty of this stunning Emirates while learning from the best.

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