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Jebel Jais

Jebel Jais also pronounced as Jabal Jais is located in the border between Oman and UAE. The Jebel Jais Mountain is a mountain of striking beauty with an elevation of 6268 feet making it the tallest Mountain in UAE.  The temperature at this mountain varies according to the surrounding climate. On winter days, the temperature can be as low as -3 degrees Celsius.
Jebel Jais

Jebel Jais Location 

Jebel Jais Location

Jebel Jais located on the border between Oman and United Arab Emirates. This mountain is one of the most visited tourist location in Ras Al Khaima. From the city it takes almost 60-70 minutes to drive it to the top. Click here to see the location on Google map

What are the best months to visit the Jebel Jais?

The best time to visit the Jebel Jais is from September to April. As the Mountain adapts to climate change, in summer it can be too hot to camp at the summit of Jebel Jais. But in winter the surroundings are cool, the views are exotic and the camping experience would also be a great one!

At the summit of the Mountain Jebel Jais you can view the exotic beauty of the clear blue sky and feel the fresh air and get the amazing feeling of being refreshed by nature.

The Drive through the Jebel Jais Mountain road

The Jebel Jais Mountain road has been carved through the Rocky Mountains giving travelers an exclusive view of the inside of rocks. The greenery surrounding the paths create exotic sceneries and must explore sights. The curvy roads indeed adds an element of thrill to the drive.

However you need to be careful when taking the curves as some of them are steep and some drivers would have parked their vehicles in the side of the road and will be wandering across the rocky mountain slopes. You can make stops to get a closer look of the breathtaking sceneries and capture exciting moments while you explore the mesmerizing surroundings.

There are a few dusty roads, speed bumps and potholes that you will have to navigate through on your drive to the Jebel Jais. There is also a small stretch of stony gravel that spreads for about 100m that you will have to drive slowly through.

With the increasing amount of attention that the Jebel Jais Mountain is getting, the traffic has increased drastically. The vehicles that drive through this road includes super cars, families driving on 4X4 vehicles and the regular mini vehicles and saloons. The drive to Jebel Jais is indeed a great one that you must take if you love driving and want to drive through a challenging road surrounded by amazing sceneries.

What should you take with you while you travel to the Jebel Jais?

Jebel Jais

Though a hotel, a cable car, a golf course, a paragliding launch ramp, and a ski slope are under construction, currently there is nothing much that you will find while driving to the Jebel Jais Mountain summit.

So it is highly advisable for you to have your vehicle tank topped up with fuel as there are no gas / petrol stations for miles. You will also need to be stocked with food and drinks to keep you hydrated throughout the drive since you will not find restaurants for miles. If you plan to camp on the summit then you will need to have all your camping tools ready too!

The Places to explore while on the drive to the Jebel Jais

There are quite a few places that you can explore while on a drive to the Jebel Jais.

  • The Ras Al Khaimah’s National Museum – This is a National Museum that gives an insight to the early lifestyle of the Arabs of UAE.
  • Tower Links Golf Club – One of the most natural golf courses in UAE, the tower links golf club is surrounded by a mangrove reserve and the golf course is a spread of lush greenery. With 18 holes this golf course is a great place to test your skills at golf.
  • The Khatt Springs – A beautifully secluded hotel in hidden amongst nature’s beauty. The Khatt Springs is a great stop to get refreshed and explore the surroundings before heading towards the summit.

There are other exotic locations that you can stop over while visiting the Jebel Jais.

Jebel Jais Mountain Resort and Camping

Jebel Jais Mountain Resort and Camping

Once you reach the summit of Jebel Jais there are many camping spots. The cafeterias, BBQ spots, stores and washrooms make the camping experience comfortable and exciting. The resort is still under construction so there are camping sites but not resorts for overnight stays.

To make the most of the camping experience at the Jebel Jais it is recommended that you make during the sunrise or the sunset. This will present breath taking views that you will enjoy immensely. But if you choose to camp during the day, then the only view that you will have is of the dry Rocky Mountains as there are is very little greenery at the mountain summit.

Here are some things that you will need to take with you for an enjoyable camping experience at Mountain Jebel Jais:

  • Tents – Just like any camping trip, you will need to bring your own removable tents to put up at the camping spots.
  • Mats & pillows/ cushions – To spend a comfortable evening you will need to bring your own Mats& pillows.
  • Fold-able chairs – If you plan to sit down at the BBQ or close to the edge of the edge of the mountain to enjoy exotic views, then you will need to bring your very own foldable chaise
  • Lights – Though the street lights and other lighting is under construction, currently the Jebel Jais summit is pitch black at night. So you will need to bring your own torches and flashlights so that you could move about in ease.
  • Jackets, sweaters, gloves and shawls – If you plan to camp in the Jebel Jais in winter, which is the recommended time for camping at the Jebel Jais then you will need to bring jackets, sweater, gloves, shawls and socks to keep you warm throughout your camping experience.
  • Cameras – To capture the beautiful moments that you spend camping at the Jebel Jais with your loved ones, you will definitely need a camera that can capture great pictures at night.
  • Grill Skewers and other items for a BBQ – You can light up your own BBQ, as there is plenty of great locations for a BBQ. If you wish to have your very own BBQ at Jebel Jais then you will need to bring everything you require, since there is no place at the Jebel Jais summit that you can purchase it.
  • Snacks and Drinks – Since the food outlets are still under construction it would be a great idea to take your own snacks and drinks. Currently there are a few moveable canteens with limited options.
  • Wood and lighter fluid – If you camp at the Jebel Jais in winter, it is definitely a good idea to have a camp fire to keep you warm. For this you will need to bring your own wood, lighter fluid and other tools that you will need to light a camp fire.

The Adventure Emirates Jebel Jais Tour

If you book a tour to the Jebel Jais Mountain with Adventure Emirates we will pick you up from your location on a 4X4 vehicle that is designed for these snaky roads and rocky rides. The experienced driver guide will describe the striking sceneries and we will make stops for you to explore the untouched beauty of nature. If you are having less budget you can request a normal car to drive around Jabel Jais

The Summit of the Mountain Jebel Jais is indeed a great location to camp. By booking your tour with Adventure Emirates, you will be booking an untouchable camping experience that includes excitement, striking beauty and exploration of all the exciting places of Jebel Jais. You can book a day camp or an overnight stay with Adventure Emirates.

Distance to Jebel Jais from different locations

Distance to Jebel Jais from different locations

  • Abu Dhabi – The distance from Abu Dhabi to Jebel Jais is 290 KM – 310 KM depending on the route that you take to the mountain.
  • Dubai – The distance from Dubai to Jebel Jais is about 158 KM via the Emirates Road.
  • Ras Al Khaima city – The distance from the Ras Al Khaima city to Jebel Jais is about 50 KM.

Jebel Jais is now a must visit attraction for any tourist visiting the UAE. It is a location of striking beauty, adventure and excitement. It is a great camping site and a memorable location for hiking. Book your tour to Jebel Jais with Adventure Emirates to ensure a comfortable, exciting and untouchable experience.

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