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How to do a Jet Ski rental in Abu Dhabi Corniche

Fan of Water adventure ? Wanted to see Abu Dhabi Sky line from Water ? But when you can do BOTH? Read our guide about how to do a Jet Ski rental in Abu Dhabi Corniche !
Jet Ski rental Abu Dhabi Corniche

Jet Ski is one of the most hunted and top listed water sports adventure in Abu Dhabi. Abu Dhabi cornice is the best place to rent and enjoy a Jet Ski ride

So what is special about Abu Dhabi Jet Ski rental Cornice ?

Look :

The safety is the first concern

Abu Dhabi plays a major role on safety and the environment around the city. The water sports, the Dhow Boat Tours & yacht tours are closely monitored by Abu Dhabi coast guards in order to avoid the accidents and make sure the safety of other guests on the water.

Are you above 18 years old ?

The Jet Ski rental companies in Abu Dhabi are very strict on age.

The age restriction being above 18 years and should be a confident Jet Ski driver. If you are not confident it’s advised for you to take an expert or hire a trainer to accompany you.

Meanwhile you are advised for safe Jet Ski driving in Abu Dhabi as no reckless Jet Ski driving is encouraged which results in an inconvenience to the other rider or others especially the visitors who are relaxing in the beach.

Next :

Obviously the Amazing Abu Dhabi Skyline

Abu Dhabi Corniche is one of the best places for Jet Ski rental among other places in Abu Dhabi

  1. Shangri La Abu Dhabi Jet Ski
  2. Musaffah Bridge Abu Dhabi Jet Ski
  3. Novotel Abu Dhabi Gate Hotel Jet Ski
  4. Jet Ski Yas island

Its quite hard to book Jet ski before arrive in the above locations. But few of them has got great views like Grand Mosque & Ferrari world

Literally, we suggest Abu Dhabi Corniche.

And what else,

  • Wonderful views of the Abu Dhabi skyline and the Persian Gulf
  • Safety, High standards and Environmental awareness
  • After the Jet Ski you can relax on the Corniche beach
  • A lovable destination for all solo travelers, couples and family fun
  • Reasonable range of prices and value for money
  • Wide range of Jet Ski rental operators
  • Thrilling Brilliant breath taking experience which you will only feel in Abu Dhabi Corniche
  • Sunset Views are best via a Jet Ski in Abu Dhabi Corniche

Where exactly you should go

The exact location is Mina fish market. Where you will get many companies offering Jet ski which allow you to ride along Abu Dhabi Cornice. You can be able to find quite a number of tour operators available on the spot or you can book a Jet Ski tour prior to explore the Abu Dhabi Corniche. You may find a lot of jet ski abu dhabi offers online. Specially Jet ski Abu Dhabi Groupon. Check the offer carefully before you purchase it.

Points to Remember for a Jet Ski Rental in Abu Dhabi Corniche

  • Please carry your passport or any valid identification to verify your age
  • Safety driving
  • The Jet Ski condition is your sole responsibility for any damages
  • Certain areas of the Corniche are not allowed. Thus please do not ride over there
  • Jet Ski in the sea and not closer to the beach as there are visitors relaxing in the Corniche beach
  • No causing public disturbance or inconvenience to others
  • Please request for an expert if you are not confident to go alone on a Jet Ski
  • No careless or reckless Jet Ski riding at any time
  • And please note that most of the tours of UAE jetski tours aren’t being insured. Its been a critical element for tour operators to get insurance for jet ski. Always there are minor accidents and issues take place

The bottom line?

Please do remember that many might say that Abu Dhabi Corniche Jet Ski is not allowed or banned, but there are operators who serve for Jet Ski rental on site and you need to follow their guidance on which area to drive. Jet Ski rental is your sole responsibility. Make sure to enjoy without harming yourself, neither others around you.

Jet Ski rental Abu Dhabi Corniche is a fun adventure water sport activity and most people visit here on a daily basis to have a great experience in water

Jet Ski Abu Dhabi Price


You wanted to know how much does it cost approximately to rent a jet ski where you can have a quality time.

Depends on the horse power and quality of the jet ski prices varies from 250 – 350 AED per hour.

There are several operators and several online companies selling Jet ski rentals Abu Dhabi. The issue is having the right quality of jet ski and having able to book online before you arrive. Adventure Emirates promise you to have the best rate and easy online booking.

Bold promise? Definitely.

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