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Language in Dubai

Language in Dubai

Dubai is a multi-cultural and multi-lingual city with full of diversification. I have traveled to many cities and lived in many countries but Dubai is the only place where I found more than 85 nationalities speaking more than 50 languages in one place under one roof. Language in Dubai is never a barrier for both tourists and residents. Even for the vocally impaired or hearing impaired Dubai offers an option.

The national language of Dubai

The national language of Dubai is Arabic. Though Arabic is the main language, English is the popular language spoken throughout the city. Only Governmental institutions, documents and officials speak and need written Arabic as a general rule. But English can be requested as a translation mode in those offices too or you can seek translation entities or persons to do so without any hassle.

The widely spoken language

English is more than enough and every corner can speak and understand English in Dubai. This is the main reason for Dubai to top up in the list of tourism compared to all other Middle Eastern cities as travelers feel so comfortable in conversing and never need to suffer not knowing the key language of the city or the country.

As there are many expatriates in the city you will also find other languages too famous in the country. Some of the popular languages in Dubai are Hindi, Urdu, Tagalog, Malayalam, Tamil, Bengali, Punjabi, Persian, Farsi, Chinese, Russian and Swahili . Thus tourists speaking these languages will not have a problem and there is always someone available in any location for language assistance.

Other languages

Other languages which are spoken in certain areas and hot spots are French, Spanish, Japanese and German. In case you are planning to work in Dubai especially in hospitality and if you know an additional famous language like Chinese, Russian or Arabic along with English, then you are lucky enough as you can be entitled for some free allowances every month.

Most people love to shop in Dubai. Shopping is all about bargaining, thus language comes into play. So tourists never will have to fear that language could ruin their shopping. English is your trump card while other global languages too are welcomed.

If you ever thought language is a barrier in Dubai never consider it anymore. No matter where you are in Dubai; a restaurant, hotel, public transportation, souks or malls you need not worry. Your national language is welcomed in Dubai, but knowing at least simple English will make your work or conversation process very faster and more comfortable.

Having said that don’t’ forget to learn Arabic in Dubai. If you know Arabic you are always praised and honored in Dubai by both local Emirates and resident expatiates.

Dubai is the best destination to learn all the languages of the world meeting nationalities which you haven’t even heard of.

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