Liwa Fort

One thing common in every desert city is their picturesque forts that do their job attractively. Similarly, Liwa is home to five restored forts with facades that are pleasing to the eye. Liwa, as you already might know is a famous spot for the mandatory desert safari.
Al Jahili Fort

Although the Adventure Emirates organizes evening and overnight desert safaris to Liwa, doing a bit more exploring can get you in tune with the locals and take you one step closer to seeing these wonderful historical structures.

Why were forts built?

Water was not an abundant resource in ancient UAE. There were only a few wells which were used by only a specific tribe. To guard their water sources from intruding tribes, the people built forts. These forts also doubled as protection. These structures were built using bricks, mud, and straw. Historians believe these structures to be almost 200 to 300 years old as they were built in the 19th century.

Why are they exciting?

Seeing these forts remind us of the challenges the ancient tribe folk had to go through to proceed with their daily activities. The fort walls are punctured with gunshot holes proving the battles that happen between the tribes. Although Liwa originally had 10 forts, there are currently only 5 that are in good shape. The government took the initiative to restore these forts so that visitors can view a part of the country’s history. The forts that can be viewed today are Al Jabbanah Fort, Mariah Al Garbiyah, Qutuf Fort, Muzeira’a Fort and Dhafeer Fort. Most of them have circular towers on every corner and tall walls that are surrounded by palm trees and farms.

Liwa Fort

Carol Neilon

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