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Liwa Oasis

Liwa Oasis, the name itself conjures up an image of lush emerald-green palm trees generously splattered around a cooling water pool. Although it is one of the features of the famous Liwa Oasis, the fact that makes it stand out is its golden powder that has been generously painted into some lofty sand dunes.
Liwa Oasis

Yes, the Liwa Oasis is one of the main features of our Liwa Desert Safaris and opting to go on one will be one of the best decisions of your life. Taking up a huge chunk of the Rub Al Khali Desert, the oasis is situated southwest of the Abu Dhabi city. Whether you wish to admire the golden dunes on a Full Day Liwa Desert Safari or sleep with the stars on an Overnight Liwa Desert Safari, the Liwa Oasis is nothing less than a desert heaven. If you want a change from the usual cycle lifestyle, this is the perfect desert.

Liwa Oasis

Why should you go?

Some of the reasons why the Liwa Desert Safaris rejuvenate your mind body and soul are:

  1. It makes you aware of the impact of nature even if it is minimal. Deserts are the stark opposite of a dense green forest. Both landscapes are equally eye-catching, but the desert reminds us that there does not need to be much to be valued. We all know how people cherish the desert.
  2. You become more aware of the passing time. With every rustle of the wind and the feeling of sand beneath your feet, you can tap into your inner self both mentally and spiritually.
  3. Enjoy nature’s own show of fairy lights. We are all in for dim cozy lighting, but nothing beats a starlit sky that is clearly visible. Since the desert is completely away from all the organized chaos, there is no light pollution to disrupt a perfect view of a shimmering sky.

Getting There

Traveling around the UAE is easy thanks to the well-built roads. Making your way to liwa is easy as there are many ways to reach the destination.

  1. Book any one of our Liwa Desert Safaris for an excellent experience. Our desert safaris also include transfers to and from the hotels. If you have already been on one and wish to enjoy Liwa even more then read on.
  2. If you are on a budget holiday, then the public transport is a good option. Tickets only cost AED 15 from Abu Dhabi to Liwa and AED 40 from Dubai to Liwa.
  3. If you don’t prefer public transport a taxi from Dubai will cost you AED 700 from Dubai and AED 400 from Abu Dhabi (one way).
  4. Maybe going on road trips are your thing, rent a vehicle set the GPS to Liwa Oasis and enjoy the ride all the way.

How long

The journey from Dubai takes 3.5 hours and from Abu Dhabi it takes 2.5 hours.

Let us know how well you enjoyed your trip to liwa oasis.  One wise person said that if the journey is memorable, the destination will be unforgettable.

Carol Neilon

Our living exposure here has helped us to gather up-to-date knowledge of happenings in UAE and we've guided many visitors for memorable holidays.