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Mamzar Beach Timings

Mamzar Beach Timings

Dubai is famous for desert safaris and tours of their bigger than imagination structures with decks offering unobstructed views of the city and beyond. Apart from that, it’s also famous for the its superlatives – the tallest structure, the world’s most luxurious hotel, the world’s largest natural flower garden- the list just goes on. This once a desert now a metropolis also has a greener side to it. Bordering between Dubai and Sharjah– the Emirate that gives the feel of being in middle east is Al Mamzar Beach Park. Before I douse your curiosity about the attraction, let us take a look at the Al Mamzar beach timings.

Mamzar Beach Opening times

Make sure to visit the park at these times to enjoy the various facilities offered by this beach park.

  • Sunday to Wednesday – 9.00 am to 9.00 pm
  • Thursday to Saturday and Public Holidays – 9.00 am to 10.00 pm
  • During Ramadan – 9.00 am to 10.00 pm
  • Ladies Day – Monday and Wednesday (Since UAE pays a lot of respect towards their female citizens and allows them to have all the enjoyment without the presence of males)

If you want to know more about the Al Mamzar Beach timings or any other information call them on +9714 2966201.

Mamzar Beach Entrance Fee

Per person – AED 5
Car entrance – AED 30
Small chalet (4 people) – AED 150 + Park fee
Large chalet (6 people) – AED 150 + Park Fee
Pool –
Adults – AED 10
Children – AED 5

Mamzar Beach Location

Al Mamazar Beach Park is located along the gulf shoreline in the Deira side, roughly five kilometers after the Al Hamriyah turn off. It can be accessed through the Mamzar Beach Road or by Al Nakheel Road through Al Shindagha Tunnel.

Mamzar Beach Facilities

Spanning an area of 106 hectares, the park is an ideal place for some beach fun, a picnic, barbeques or a day out with the family enjoying the rides. The facilities offered in the parks are:

  • Barbecue sites – there are 28 barbecue areas facing beach 5 which are equipped with contemporary barbecue sets, umbrellas, seats and grills)
  • Beach – not just one but five beaches are available. Safety is a high priority as there are watchtowers and lifeguards. Changing rooms are also available for beach users
  • Swimming pool – the big pool is divided into 3 pools. Two for adults and one for children. There are showers, changing rooms, seats, lifeguards and snack houses
  • Chalets – Fifteen fully air-conditioned bungalows are situated on beach four and can be rented
  • Picnic Area – Fit for a picnic with trees and grass and are spread throughout the park. They include children games, a roller skating area, park train, and football & basketball court
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