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OK to Board Message – UAE

ok to board

What is “Ok to Board”?

Once you are ready with your UAE visit visa and flight ticket, there is one more important thing which has to be done before you travel known as the “OK TO BOARD” or also known as a Visa verification.

It is only required for Asian Subcontinent citizens who are ready to travel from India or Sri Lanka or Pakistan or Nepal to UAE. Therefore, if you are an Indian or Sri Lankan or Pakistani or Nepali, you must verify your visa with the respective airline that you have booked the flight.

Why “Ok to Board” is needed?

Particularly, as soon as your visit visa (sponsored from UAE) is verified with the nearest airline office in UAE, the airline updates the OK TO BOARD MESSAGE (OTB) in the Passenger Name Recode (PNR) that allows you to board the flight without any hustle.

By doing so, the legitimacy of your UAE Visit Visa and relevant travel documents will be clarified. It eliminates circumstances of forged visa entry and deport by the UAE Immigration.

How to Update “Ok to Board” Message?

Someone who is already in UAE must visit the airline office on behalf of you to update the Ok to Board Message with the respective airline. Once he/she pays the Ok to board fee and submits the necessary documents, the airline will update the system in less than a 30 minutes timeframe.

Since Adventure Emirates can help you to do the Ok to Board, you do not need to waste time on finding where the airline offices are and where the parking slots are. Just send us your Round Trip Ticket Copy and the Visa Copy through email and we will assist you with the rest.

For more convenience, at the time you apply the UAE visit visa with us, we advise you about the Ok to Board. Meantime, you can pay us the Ok to Board Fee along with your Visa fee.

What are the Documents required to do the “Ok to Board”?

  • Visa Copy
  • Round Trip Flight Tickets

When “Ok to board” has to be done?

12 -48 hours before the departure flight OK TO BOARD MESSAGE can be updated (We recommend you to send us the documents at least 2-3 days before your travel date)


  1. Is there any prescribed time limit to do the “OK to Board”?

Yes, generally it’s advisable to do the “Ok to board” in between the two days time before the departure flight. Based on the respective airline’s terms and conditions, we can advise you when it has to be done. You can send us the documents at least 3 days before the expected travel date which gives sufficient time for the airline service provider to update OTB in your Passenger Name Record (PNR).

  1. How will I know if my OTB is updated or not?

Most of the times, the Airline electronically updates the Ok to Board Message in your Passenger Name Record (PNR). Adventure Emirates colleagues will get in touch with you to confirm the Ok to Board

  1. What happens if my “Ok To Board Message” hasn’t been updated?

Sometimes, the airlines will not permit you to board the flight if the “Ok to Board” hasn’t been completed. That is the reason behind our kind request for you to get in touch with us before 3 days of your travel date to avoid unnecessary circumstances and disappointments.

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