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Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy is meant to be the reference to understand the Adventure Emirates’s data collection and data protection procedure including the type of information we collect, use of information and how secured your information is with us.
Adventure Emirates holds the sole responsibility in protecting all the confidential information shared with us. Our main concern is to bring you pleasant tour experiences / UAE visit visa services with perfection in quality and in means of customer service excellence throughout the process and even after the service is rendered. Therefore, all the given information furnished by you will be used only for the purpose of our service and for upgrading your experiences.
It is noteworthy that all the activities, tailor-made tours and customizations by Adventure Emirates are accordance with the mandatory Laws, Regulations and amended acts of United Arab Emirates.

Privacy Details We Collect

Every customer is expected to provide us with Basic Personal Details to complete a tour booking or a visa request via online or using any mode of communication. Meantime, if you are contacting us via our website, then our automated system will capture some technical information from your browsing software.

You have the liberty and the rights in not providing any information which is not compulsory for a booking which remains optional.

Basic Personal Information needed for a booking         

  • Name
  • Contact Number
  • Date of Birth/ Age
  • Email address
  • Postal Address /County
  • Credit Card Details
  • Preferred Date of visit
  • Length of stay
  • Accommodation/hotel details

If you are indenting to visit places where prior approval is required for the visitors due to security reasons, then you will be requested to furnish us with the following information.

  • Passport number/Copy
  • Visa copy
Basic Personal Information needed for UAE visit Visa process
  • Name
  • Contact Number
  • Type of Visa Required and Duration
Technical and System Information

Once you enter to our website or booking engine, the automated system will automatically capture information such as your login browser, IP address, Operating system, Geographical location, Number of visits to the website and other information to make sure there is a human intervention and not a robot.

Use of Information

Most of the personal information that you share with us during the time of booking are used for the tour arrangements.  Details such as Email address, Contact Number, Hotel Name will be used to communicate pickup timings, tour timings and other important information regarding your booking.

To improve the onsite experience and customer experience some of your information may be used for our internal surveys. Apart from that your email address will be stored in our database to update your frequently about our new launches, latest offers, promotions and tour packages.

Payment Details

Your Credit Card/Debit Card Number is required to complete a booking and please note that no credit deduction will be done until the tour date. Your payment details will no longer be available in our systems after the tour since it automatically deletes all the information after the tour is completed.

Who else will use the Information we collect from you?
  • Service Providers

Adventure Emirates works with the best service providers such as Hotels, Transportation providers and tour providers to keep your trust on us. We select the best external service provider that suits you to full fill your travel desires. You will authorize us to share your details to confirm the booking with our service providers at the time of the booking reservation with us.

  • Third Party suppliers

Third Party services providers such as financial providers and telecommunication providers are eligible to use the information on behalf of Adventure Emirates.

How Secure is Your Information with Us?

Our safety precaution methods and technical systems are designed in a manner to safeguard your information with no enclosure to the external parties other than Adventure Emirates service providers or third party suppliers. We use an encryption to transform the data via a malware detection system which monitors any unauthorized access thus ensuring data safety, security and protection at all times at all levels.

Amendments to the Privacy Policy

Adventure Emirates has the full authorization to amend, edit or remove any information mentioned in the website including the Terms & Conditions or Privacy Policy without any prior notice. Any changes will be effective simultaneously until revised again or till the next amendment takes place.