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Safety In Dubai

Emiratis Is Dubai Safe from Terrorism and Crimes? UAE is now becoming the most famous visiting place for tourists across the World. Even the United States Government declares UAE as one of the safest places in the World and Dubai being the fastest grown city. But yet there is a gossip going out that Dubai is under threat and is not safe.


Let us see the real picture in this blog from a resident as well as a tourist point of view with experience. Emiratis are a people of Patriotism in their hearts. They are famous for the saying “This is Our Country”. They love their country so much and make everyone who visits their soil to feel free as home diversifying and respecting all differences.

UAE and especially Dubai are concerned about their Image thus when once asked for His Highness Sheikh Mohammed he said that the success of Dubai is its safety and security. None of our tourists will feel insecure even late at night a girl can go free on the roads without any men creating trouble.

Dubai is less reported crime rates and small minor activities like pick-pocketing, murder and robbery as the security is so vigilant. No clashes and small fights within people and drink and drive will ever be encouraged in UAE.

Dubai is less reported crime rates and small minor activities like pick-pocketing, murder and robbery as the security is so vigilant. No clashes and small fights within people and drink and drive will ever be encouraged in UAE.

In means of Dubai is free from Terrorism, the statement just hints a strength as most world armed forces of developed countries operate their bases in UAE. Mostly known is the US forces work closely with Dubai while the Royal Family of UK is having a good relationship with the Dubai government.

It doesn’t end there as the Australian Airforce base and the Pakistani investigation bodies operate in making Dubai and their security systems stronger than any other country. When compared to the CID of the world Dubai holds the best critics as sometimes the world report says Dubai has the best CIDs than even FBI and CIA.

They may look small and silent but they are master brains. Dubai Police has already spread virally across the world in popularity for their cars and technology. Even there is an accident within less than 2 mins a police patrol will be on spot. So efficient they are. Adding on to this Metro Police add on to secure the public transport system.

On the other hand, Civil Defence is 24 hours on board in every location. Ambulances are so speedy that they arrive so fast for any incident to be taken care of. Dubai’s basic requirements in any apartment or office are Fire safety systems, First Aid care and all systems linked to Civil Defence. Even before we imagine they are on board.

It’s not Dubai has no fire or any threats, but it’s that how quick they can overcome it without any damages. Such examples are the Address hotel fire, The Emirates flight crash, Marina building fire and the fire at Atlantis which is not even known by many. Acting fast and securing is their success of recovery.


The forces are vigilant 24/7 around the clock and always there to assist you no matter the language you speak. Please carry your passport and Visa when you are in public as sometimes there is spot on a check by the CID Officials of Dubai who will be in normal clothing.

UAE is the only country which doesn’t allow any police force or armed forces to enter any mall or public place with their uniforms as they want all travelers and residents to feel free. But in case you see the forces in uniforms in malls that means there is an emergency or a VIP on board.

No matter there is ISIS threats or any other bodies, Dubai doesn’t fear, as entering itself is a no no to Dubai systems starting from the Immigration Police of young teens and youth. This is a mix of Technological innovation along with smart human brains who work differently.

They have the ability just to see and identify a terrorist. They further enhance all security criteria day by day thus being the result all global leaders saying Dubai is a safe haven and all tourists please enter without fear. Thus each government in the world encourages and promotes tourism to Dubai just only coz it’s safe with security.

No person in Dubai will be even a minute having fear or feeling insecure. In case you feel something suspicious of someone or any parcel or even if you feel to yourself you are not secure just dial 999 or talk to a police officer nearby.

Dubai’s ultimate goal is the happiness of its community including all tourists and residents as they carry the mission of “Your Safety is Our Happiness



Carol Neilon

Our living exposure here has helped us to gather up-to-date knowledge of happenings in UAE and we've guided many visitors for memorable holidays.