This is a very common word in the Middle East especially very much famous in the UAE. You can usually hear people saying lets meet up for a Shisha, very common all over UAE. Shisha is also known as Sheesha, hookah, narghil, water pipe or as the famous hubbly-bubbly smoking.

What is Shisha?

It’s a way of smoking tobacco using a hose tube with a mouth piece which the user consumes in the smoke. It’s the most common way of consuming tobacco in the middle east and has replaced cigarettes as Shisha is not addictive since it uses fresh tobacco leaves that is been prepared without any chemicals.

How does a Shisha pipe look like?

It’s a very famous thing to see like those Arabian movies. It consists of a bowl, a hose, an air valve, a water base/vase, a plate/tray, the stem and the mouth piece. Each of this has a purpose for you to enjoy a wonderful shisha

Shisha parts

What is inside Shisha?

Shisha usually is filled with tobacco which is mixed with fruits or sugar with any flavour in it and charcoal or coal is burnt in the pipe to heat and generate smoke form the tobacco.

Shisha Flavours

There are many flavours of Shisha and some of the popular are below for you to enjoy in options of normal, strong and medium too

Shisha Flavors

Shisha in UAE

Travellers too may enjoy Shisha and get in to mingling with the culture of the residents and local Emiratis in UAE. The legal age to smoke Shisha in the UAE is 18 and above. UAE shisha is very much famous for it’s speciality in more aromatic than the other countries and UAE is a mix of expatriates from all over the world who share their skills and expertise to vary and get the best shisha to the consumers. UAE only allows shisha to be smoked outdoors or in smoking areas for security and safety purposes. You can smoke indoor in your homes but it’s not advisable due to the risk of fire. Hotel rooms do not encourage shisha inside the rooms. Ladies too enjoy the Shisha experience and you can witness it in many in UAE

Shisha in UAE

Where to find Shisha in UAE?

You can find Shisha everywhere around UAE no matter you are in Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi or any other Emirates. Every traditional meal will usually have a shisha to end up the dinner or lunch. Many restaurants and small outdoor cafés offer shisha in variety of styles, favours and ambience for you to choose. Shisha comes inclusive during a desert safari, dhow cruise, heritage tours, Bedouin experiences, belly dance shows and beach parties. Some places of high calibre are dedicated only for shisha and UAE is the only place where you can find Shisha bars.

Where to find Shisha in UAE?

Can I make my own Shisha at home?

Of course you can make it by your own. You only need to know the technique of making and it’s quite easy too. You can seek help from anyone on this in UAE. Then buy a shisha pipe which can be found in any super market or souq which will cost around 150 AED to 250 AED depending on the décor and quality. After that you can purchase the shisha flavour from the shops and prepare it. Just be careful only while preparing your charcoal which is the reason being shisha made mandatory only for outdoors.

How much is a Shisha?

Shisha depends on the restaurant or the café you visit and sit to have it. You can even find shisha for 50 AED in a small place, but a usual good quality shisha would range from 100 AED to 300 AED depending on the flavour you choose, the ambience and the service. Luxury shisha is expensive.

How much is the Shisha tobacco to buy and from where?

This is very much famous among tourists and most of them buy shisha in kilos and take back home. The famous brand in UAE for shisha is Al Fakher and you can find it in many flavours and in 1kg boxes too in UAE. It will range from 75 AED to 100 AED and the premium ones will be around 150 AED. If you buy in wholesale or go for bargaining locations you can even be lucky enough to get it at 50 AED. You can find it usually everywhere from shops, malls, souks, supermarkets and also in the duty free.

Where to find Shisha in UAE?

How to make Shisha by yourself?

  • Additional to the parts of the Shisha pipe and the Shisha tobacco which you buy from the store, you will need some aluminium foil, toothpick or a pin, a lighter or a match box, coal/charcoal and some water.
  • Fill the vase with around 25%-30% of water not too much just like only the bottom of the vase
  • Then plug in the stem or the body to the vase
  • Attach the tray/plate and the hose
  • Fill the bowl with Shisha tobacco spreading all over the bowl. Make sure you don’t use too much but spread evenly around the bowl. Check that the tobacco doesn’t overflow and is exactly up to the surface
  • Cover the bowl with the piece of aluminium foil and lock the whole bowl with the foil. It’s same as how we usually cover something before we put it into an oven. Only thing make sure you don’t cover the bottom surface. Just on the top and sides only
  • Then make some holes from a pin or toothpick on the top of the aluminium foil
  • Now attach the bowl to the shisha pipe
  • Finally, light the small piece of coal or charcoal. Make sure you don’t burn your hands. Use some tool to hold the charcoal and just be careful as you are dealing with fire
  • Once the coal turns red, place it over the aluminium foil in the bowl
  • Your Shisha is done and prepared. It’s time for you to enjoy you Shisha made at home by you

My experience

I am usually a non-smoker and never ever encourage smoking, but I had a different positive opinion of casual smoking in UAE. Do not smoke cigarettes, but if you had the fantasy or desire to smoke then please smoke a shisha. Shisha is classy, stylish, simple luxury, classic, non addictive, good for get-togethers, enjoyable, no headache caused of smoke all around and the bad odour. I recommend each and everyone who enter UAE to smoke shisha at least once and enjoy the feel of the shisha experience. It makes you relax in Arabian style. I enjoyed with my bunch of friends chatting about great experiences in UAE. Shisha is your non-toxic smoking partner!

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