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Sky Dive Palm

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Sky Dive Desert

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First, check if your BMI is okay for Skydiving

To participate in a tandem skydive, a degree of fitness is needed so as to make sure of a safe landing.

  • Women: Weight: 90kg / 198lbs or less & maximum BMI of 27.5
  • Men: Weight: 100kg / 220lbs or less & maximum BMI of 30.0

Check your BMI here online now before book

How to book Sky dive

You can simply send a message to us on WhatsApp with your BMI details, date and preferred time then we will contact you with the payment link

Sky Diving First time ? Is it safe ?

You don’t need to stress yourself, you do not need an experience and training before you try out tandem Skydive. There is an element of risk when you drive on the road and it is the same with Skydive too. Although, Skydive in Dubai is because of the regulation body like the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) who monitors and maintain the parachutes perfectly. Before an instructor is qualified to dive with you, they will have to pass through several types of trainings and examinations.

What is a tandem skydive?

For your first time skydiving, you will be attached with an experienced tandem skydive professional who will help to deploy your parachute and also ensure you land on the designated landing area. Safety is one of our major concern when you skydive in Dubai. All your adventures and escapades of your skydiving in Dubai is going to be recorded by another skydiver whose sole purpose is only to take pictures and videos.

How High you will go ?

There are two skydiving areas in Dubai and if you skydive at the Palm zone, it is going to happen from 13,000 feet or 4,000m and if you skydive in the desert zone, it is going to happen from 12,500 feet or 3,800m.

How long does freefall last?

The actual freefall last for approximately one minute and the parachute will then be deployed and you will have 4-5 minutes ride on the parachute before you get to the landing zone.

Does weather affect skydiving?

It surely has an effect although the UAE weather does not have climate issues associated with Skydiving. However, if any kind of issue with the weather comes up, the tour will be on hold until the weather clears the same day or you will be given appointment for another day.