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Swimming Pool at Dubai International Airport

Dubai Airport Terminal 3

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Many travelers across the globe have many preferences and demands. Some are challenging while some are out of the box and beyond the normal expectations of a normal traveler or visitor into a country. Being the busiest airport in the world, most people reach Dubai for their transit short period stay at the airport.

But the best aspect of UAE is making sure that every guest who keeps their feet in the sand of UAE makes the best, may it be even for 30 minutes. Stop-over tours are very much famous in UAE and Dubai is the master of it where His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum runs on a mission of serving every person every second with Love, towards Win and Victory.

Some travelers want to get refreshed and have a small dip and relax while doing the transit within the airport. Dubai being a hub city of UAE in the Middle East gives a small concern to global travelers whether they can still enjoy some of those facilities in the US and EU airports. Dubai never fails to amaze luxury and serving even better than what is expected to compete and topping all the international world airports.

Swimming is a big want to do activity for some of the passengers who are mostly spending their life traveling. So before they hop into their next journey they want to feel at home or in a hotel in a swimming pool. “Can this be done in Dubai?” is a big mind question for most travelers. Dubai goes beyond expectations and says to all travelers “We offer a swimming pool not just at certain times but 24/7 around the clock”. You chip into Dubai airport and you want to swim then it’s there for you waiting till you jump into the water.

This is available for all passengers using Terminal 3 which only operates Emirates and Qantas flights and Terminal 1 which operates other flights. If you do have a connecting flight with a few hours of transit to your next flight and you want to swim then it would a great decision to relax and chill before your flight.

Just go to Dubai International Airport Hotel which is located at Terminal 3, Concourse B and enter to the G-Force Health Club at the 5th level of the Dubai International Airport Hotel while the other club is located behind the Reception desk of Dubai International Airport Hotel on top of Gate No. 115 at Terminal 1.

Surprisingly not only a pool but you also have a Jacuzzi and a small Gym which will keep you fresh and fruity again after such a long flight and gear up with a boost to your next trip. The Gym is not really a big Gym which facilitates extreme weight-lifting but it’s a haven of relaxation and motivation. The pool acts as a basic need and the Jacuzzi is the essence of it with the toppings of shower rooms, towels, hair dryers, toiletries along with men’s and women’s steam rooms.

This entry to the swimming pool is available for USD 16 per person per hour no matter whether an adult or child the price remains same and USD 36 per person for 4 hours if you prefer to use the Jacuzzi and the mini gym.

This service adds on with an icing of a free wifi connection speeder than the airport transit lounge. Thus make sure to carry your swimwear and the boarding pass to use this facility.

Dubai’s airport hotel swimming pool is waiting for you on your next trip to International Dubai Airport Terminal 3 or 1!

Contact Dubai International Airport Hotel at any time on +971 (0) 4 224 4000

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