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Taxis are fitted with child seats in Dubai and Abu Dhabi

Taxis are fitted with child seats in Dubai and Abu Dhabi

Yes, Taxis are fitted with child seats in Dubai and Abu Dhabi to make sure you and your kids have a great and safe holidays in United Arab Emirates. Child seats requests are a big concern and a key requirement for most of the travellers as most of them are parents and they usually make sure their babies too enjoy the holiday with them. These child seats not only comforts the baby but also helps to keep them safe the when they are on a drive. The prime transport of UAE are Taxis. Especially in Dubai and Abu Dhabi the amount of taxis and the passengers using them are almost equal to them of the yellow NY city taxis in USA. So every traveller’s first option is hop to a taxi as Dubai and Abu Dhabi doesn’t have any tuk tuk (three wheeler) services like Bangkok or other Asian countries.

Usually 50% of Dubai Taxis have child seats available on board to accommodate all babies. But all of these depend on availability. Especially most taxis at the airport are on queues for first come first serve basis. Thus there is no assurance that a traveller can for sure find a child seat. Having said that we have many travellers who are provided by the child seat facility everyday, so if you are lucky at that time the possibility will be available. Also you can seek assistance from the Taxi Marshals available at the airport so if there are any nearby taxis with the child seat they can be of help to you. In case you are in a hotel or any residence in Dubai or Abu Dhabi, you can call and pre book a taxi and request for a child seat without any additional cost. But a normal taxi on the streets or from the malls cannot be ensured with a child seat. If available on board they will definitely serve you without any dirham more.

Abu Dhabi Texi 

Toll free  600 53 53 53 or call + 971 2 554 2231 if you are outside of UAE

Dubai Texi 

800-9090 toll free in the UAE or call +97142080888 if you are outside of UAE

Al Ain Office

+ 971 3 722 8255

Meanwhile if you are booking for a private pickup or car from your hotel or tour operator please feel free to request for a child seat as this is provided free of service by them too. Some 5 star hotels provide the facility of the child seats where you can hire it from them and use it in a normal taxi too for your day travelling and return them back to the hotel. This is usually done with a deposit held as a guarantee. The drawback is only in the airport as No taxi can be booked ahead at the airport, but finding one is a 70% probability. In case you really need the child seat as mandatory from the airport then the best option would be to book a private pickup from your tour operator or the hotel you will be staying. Also if you are able to carry your own car seat from back home as most travellers nowadays do, then the local taxis can set it up and accommodate it without any hassle.

A final statement to end it up is to say that UAE is a place for safe driving and strict driving thus any driver will take extra care when a child is on board. Especially, if you are in a Taxi with a baby in Dubai or Abu Dhabi, you will never feel any difference even though you are not with a Child seat. The baby will be happy and smiling meanwhile you will view the magnificent views while the Taxi driver ensures your reach of safety to your destination.

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